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Is there feature to save all posts that match a key word in regular expression termsor is that not available on @freemo

I am pony programmer so human logic is interesting to me

Do you think democrats or Republicans are making better on political chess board biden goofed and made bad move it seem like Trump is also making error how would you analyze the. Election campaign strategies by this parties.

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Am i the only one who tried the Konami Cheat code first when they entered the voting booth? Up up down down left right left right select select start... nope, didnt work.

I am also autistic my special interests politics programming and chess anime mlp science and speech technology i developed programming in my beginning if you want to know ask my stack is asp and azure c# I know python because it is my roots and and currently going learn ruby my idol of dev who made programming as hero was always pat pat Franco he died but he taught computer science with a passion and for his students I am carrying out my dream in his spirit long live pat Franco the best computer science professor eve is great for new generation of programmib

@freemo my intro to software development was actually developing python gui base text to audio file so I wanted bring more advancement yo thar fieod

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so let's talk about synthesizes mic reading circuit that mics up correct social tone is this possible @freemo

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Books and my group a free society and community group inclusion and ideas for the better world with prejudoce

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my fellow peers and are trying to solving this problem its an intro to c++
but the professsor chose this for lab 3
so that is what i am working on this week if any math people are curious about the code i just posted it is the solution to tha almost its not done tho
this is what i have been working on for school
i need to get the primesum of 10
and still testing for primpt
using namespace std;int main(){ char Stop = 'n'; int maxRange = 0; int primeSum = 0; do { cout << "enter a number for the max"; cin >> maxRange;

	while (maxRange <= 0)	{		cout << maxRange << "is not valid input the max range cannot be 0 or lower " << endl;			cin >> maxRange;	}	for (int countPrime = 2; countPrime <= maxRange; countPrime++) {		for (int counterDiv = countPrime * countPrime; countPrime < maxRange; primeSum += counterDiv)		{			if (counterDiv == 0) 			{				cout << primeSum;				primeSum += counterDiv;			}		}	}	cout << "current sum: " << primeSum << endl;	cout << "enter answer(y/n):";	cin >> Stop;	primeSum = 0;}  while (tolower(Stop) == 'y');


my solution the primitly is still going

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Not really.. though its not that simple.. democrats control the house, republicans control the senae... each of these have different roles and generally the senate has more power in more ways than the house.

When talking about a contingent election though things are even more complicated. On the house will vote in a contingent election but they dont vote in the normal way of one person per vote. they vote such that one state gets one vote, and there must be a majority to win.

In the house the number of representatives per state is not fixed. The number of representatives they have is based on the size of the state. So in such a vote the breakdown by numbers would look very different than they do in an ordinary vote.

@amerika @timorl

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@onan @freemo @urnerk @math

I appreciate the promotion, and recommendations. The math has already been endorsed by a pair of mathematics journal editors. Its now presenting the findings to the at large community. Thanks again.

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Any democrats say that the electoral college will overrode everything but I dont think that will be cae this year

Now I am not for biden or Trump saying I am saying through an analysis point of view and Texas is now mostly democratic then in 2016 so I am pointing the possible outcome Chan

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