@TuvixJaneway How was your first day on QOTO? Did you have any questions, things going ok, making friends?

@freemo @TuvixJaneway

I think she might have set course to another quadrant and activated the dilithium crystals, warp engaged.

someone responded to a starfleet broadband message she sent and pointed at a StarTrek themed instance elsewhere.


Shame, she probably would have been a good fit here. I do see that 2 hours after the suggestion of the other instance she boosted something, so maybe not.


@freemo @TuvixJaneway Yes, I agree. It is nice to have people who actively bring in other perspectives.

Made me go out and look proper spelling for Dilithium even, and discover they are a REAL thing.

Points for that theme!

Wikix : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilithiu

ST Wiki : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dilithiu

@design_RG @freemo β€” Good morning! I was fast asleep from 1am to 7am, haha.

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