Never forget that I see in clinic that look exactly like , every day. Our chunk of meat grinder goodness dad. (Probably a joke here) Being in is hilarious.

Birdsite megalomania. Billionaires shouldn't exist. 

I really don't need a comment to go along with this. But. I think it's important to share what having access to billions of dollars and being able to impose your will upon what was one of the biggest social media sites in the world.

Never expected one of my favorite 90s films to also be queer icons to the kids but here we are. Bill is a huge trans icon, endorsed by Winter himself and Ted is non-binary. :blobcatjustright:

I am so fucking thrilled to see so many of you here. I love every last one of you. Never forget that. We can make it work here. If you have questions, there's lots of people to help. Don't give up. Let me know.

Los Angeles mayoral race! 

[chef's kiss] First woman mayor of LA! Los Angeles County and City โ€” you kicked so much ass this election. You showed what's possible when you get really pissed off! We could all change everything if we got as pissed!

Brah. Either Rachel Weisz is teeny or Keanu Reeves has massive hands. I have a tiny waist nowadays and she's my height. :blobcatthinkingeyes:

Who needs a development environment, right youse guise? 

A crossover between modifying your production environment and the birb site. It's pretty great.

I'm letting this go out to the timeline because this is the absolute best thing to come from this film. That is a hefty bite. I'm not sure who I'm more envious of.

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The Devil's Advocate with Keanu and Pacino. Haven't seen this, or at least if I have it was so long ago. I guess this might count as licitly concussed for Reeves. What cute glasses he has on. And his little accent.

Aleksandr Dugin's letter is full of blame and calls for Putin's overthrow and death. Unsurprising, truly.

Via Dimitri aka and
If you're still on the birb, you should be following him.

Great take on the nature of public opinion on the stock market. 

Beautiful take from Jonathan Nicholson from HuffPo DC coverage, who has been blue checked for years, since we've been mutuals.

The power of shitposts my friends. Gen X's sarcasm and Millennials' meme game has actually gotten it done in PA.

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