Never forget that I see in clinic that look exactly like , every day. Our chunk of meat grinder goodness dad. (Probably a joke here) Being in is hilarious.

Please enjoy these pictures of Erie in my 10yo's jacket. The jacket lives on the floor despite being like a foot away from a coat hook, because #kids.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

People who are just-just joining us, two primary culture notes:

1. Alt text for pictures is extremely strongly encouraged here.

2. CW is "Content Wrapper" as much as "Content Warning"; content that is loooooong, has a sharply limited audience, or is upsetting is a strong candidate for a CW; use your judgement.

(Some dipshit may tell you that talking frankly about your experiences with racism, sexism, or the like are upsetting and need a CW. You, in turn, can tell them to get bent.)

Along the lonely US395, in California but on the other side of the mountains, and flagged by a highway sign and some rock pillars is a monument that the US tried to forget

Thousands of Japanese were interred here during WWII stripped of their freedom, their property, their belongings, much of which was never recovered

Most of the site was bulldozed after the war, trying to give it back to the chaparral

Foundations like the hospital here and the cemetery are all that is left

This was Manzanar

FIRST POST! A goniasterid sea star from New Caledonia! Akelbaster novaecaledoniae! #echinoday A genus and species I described in 2007

The menstrual cycle can be divided into 3 parts: (a) That Man Is A Ride, (b) That Man Would Be A Great Husband, And A Loving Father To Our Many Children, and (c) All Men Must Be Sacrificed And Fed To The Eight-Legged Mother Spinster, SzlΓΊrΓ’k, While We Dance Naked To The Sound Of Their Screams

@freemo fyi: many of the new instances seem to be blocking qoto now., (which didn't a week or so ago). Might be more. Many of my friends that are distributed across the 'verse can't see my posts. They're probably inheriting a block list from someone. I do like it here but I'm losing touch with people.

:blobcatthonking: My electric / heating bill is nearly the same as my trash bill. Trash: $28. Electricity: $33.

My boss, Matt Mullenweg, the boss of Automattic, owner of Tumblr, is looking for ex-Twitter employees for Tumblr, saying,

"we're putting on a fast track to see how they can help super-charge Tumblr. We can't absorb thousands of people, but I'd be open to hiring entire teams if they already work great together."

He's photomatt on Twitter, or look here too:

Boost for visibility, please? Spread the word!

#Twitter #JobFairy #Automattic #Tumblr

Oh I am so mad. Theranos vs. Sexual Assault 

Someone brought up that Holmes was raped at Stanford and she was a DC victim, and she was sentenced to 22x as long as Brock Taylor.

You know what? Taylor's case was a miscarriage of justice. That does not mean everyone else gets off with a lighter sentence.

Theranos' bullshit could have killed thousands of people. They didn't have one competent lab scientist near that company. If anyone had even ASKED lab scientists, we could have told you how impossible the entire thing was.

I'm not going to write an essay here, but she deserves her sentence. She knew what she was doing. There was no hope for that business model to EVER work in any reasonable amount of time.

There is something to be said about folks who wish to implement a rule/law/measure not because it makes sense, but purely because they want to be the one to make a rule and force people to obey.

"I want my way, and the context doesnt matter"

Honestly, the problem isn't that Tesla calls it "autopilot", it's that people have no idea what auto pilot actually does in air planes. It will 100% fly you through another airplane if that's what's right in front of you. Because autopilot is *incredibly dumb*. And thus: works.

@BornAgainEmo I love the comics and films as that was something my late husband and I shared, my head is stuffed with comic canon from us chatting about them for hours.

β€” but I'm also a fan that's into the dreaded fan fiction.

CWs, tone policing, racism 

We can't talk about CWs as a way of making space for people without also acknowledging the ways they have been used to silence people.

And we can't ask for them to be used in our feeds unless we also do so with context and nuance that allows people to speak the truth about their own lives, especially across spectrums of race, ethnicity, ability, sexuality, gender, age. body shape, etc.


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β€” I hope you rot in whatever prison or federal camp you end up in. was already an unknown to the average person and your absolutely dragged our credibility through the mud. You deserve everything coming to you.

@freemo @trinsec @DecaturNature @frayoshi :blobcatthinking: That’s a very fair reason. It’s a shame no one will understand that. It’s a bigger shame there’s no other way to monitor on Mastodon other than join or federate.

The 9,046-lb Hummer EV is so enormous that charging it costs ~$100.

"It simply takes a lot more energy to accelerate all that heft. It's just not as efficient as other electric vehicles on the market."

This car is such a disaster.

#safety #cars #ev

I've been reflecting on this, and I think singular most memorable moment of #ScienceTwitter was when that lady faked the death of her pseud (and implied the pseud was also her lover) and even had a Zoom funeral. That was BONKERS.

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