Ahead of the Aristotelian Society & Mind Association this weekend, I thought I’d plug our paper: Action Research in Philosophy: A Case Study from (w/ Gabriel Cherake & Francesca Dem). See abstract below & join me on Sun 9 Jul @ the 11:15am Open Session! 👇

Thanks to:

Rebranding as both wise and mature because I became an auntie this month. What books should I buy him for Xmas?

Watch @MedVetAcarology’s talk at Harvard Medical School earlier this month to find out more about how approaches that integrate & can improve outcomes and protection of .

🔗 youtu.be/99Pjye1hYnw

Following my , I thought I’d share some of my recent work. Last week I presented some of my research at on in the as part of the 2022 Annual Meeting.

For a copy of my poster, and video presentation, see the very bottom of this page:
🔗 planetaryhealthannualmeeting.c

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