Ahead of the Aristotelian Society & Mind Association this weekend, I thought I’d plug our paper: Action Research in Philosophy: A Case Study from (w/ Gabriel Cherake & Francesca Dem). See abstract below & join me on Sun 9 Jul @ the 11:15am Open Session! 👇

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Rebranding as both wise and mature because I became an auntie this month. What books should I buy him for Xmas?

The dark side of free will | Gregg Caruso | #TEDx talk | I cannot believe it's been seven years since I gave this TEDx talk! youtube.com/watch?v=rfOMqehl-Z | #philosophy #Punishment #criminology @philosophy

3. Drayton: Nature's government: Science, imperialism and the “improvement” of the world
A great historical study which looks at the links between the field of , , and . Drayton argues that such science was intrinsically useful to colonial expansion, guiding the exploitation of exotic environments as well as making conquest seem necessary, legitimate, and beneficial.

🔗: yalebooks.yale.edu/book/978030

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2. Weik von Mossner: Moving environments: Affect, Emotion, Ecology, and Film.
A collection of essays from a range of international scholars investigating how films portray human emotional relationships with the more-than-human world and how such films act upon their viewers’ emotions.

🔗 wlupress.wlu.ca/Books/M/Moving

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Interested in learning more about the ? Here are three great books that will get you started with this emerging field:

1. Paige West: is Our Government Now: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea
A great read for those interested in . This book focuses on the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, the site of a biodiversity conservation project in . West reveals how changing configurations of ideas, actions, and material relations would eventually drive project workers to unwittingly embody the role of government, and ultimately lead to the project's failure.

🔗: dukeupress.edu/conservation-is

Watch @MedVetAcarology’s talk at Harvard Medical School earlier this month to find out more about how approaches that integrate & can improve outcomes and protection of .

🔗 youtu.be/99Pjye1hYnw

NHS medical confidentiality and privacy 

@JamesBaker Indeed, and exactly the kind of private data company this research showed people are morally suspicious off, as this UK research by @_JAStockdale shows: sro.sussex.ac.uk/id/eprint/815 and here (also from Stockdale) re similar threats in Canada: cmaj.ca/content/194/3/E95.long

If you're interested in , come to this free VIRTUAL talk I'll be chairing at 2pm GMT today to learn more about how conservation can improve health especially in the context of both and .

Sign up here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/joint-actio
QT: qoto.org/@_JAStockdale/1093136

Dr Jessica A Stockdale  
Forgot to mention that you can attend this FREE session I’ll be chairing tomorrow VIRTUALLY. For #SSRPWeek at #Sussexuni, @MedVetAcarology and Dr K...

Have just realised that #academics can use @ORCID_Org to
#verify themselves.

Just include your full mastodon link (like this: mas.to/@marekmcgann) in the "Websites and Social Links" section in ORCID, then include link to your ORCID record in your Mastodon profile.

Hurray for distributed digital identities!


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We have a new post every Tuesday, including brief summaries of recent papers, #NewBooks introduced by their authors or editors, #interviews with experts, and #conference reports.

Following my , I thought I’d share some of my recent work. Last week I presented some of my research at on in the as part of the 2022 Annual Meeting.

For a copy of my poster, and video presentation, see the very bottom of this page:
🔗 planetaryhealthannualmeeting.c

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