Ahead of the Aristotelian Society & Mind Association this weekend, I thought I’d plug our paper: Action Research in Philosophy: A Case Study from (w/ Gabriel Cherake & Francesca Dem). See abstract below & join me on Sun 9 Jul @ the 11:15am Open Session! 👇

Thanks to:

Rebranding as both wise and mature because I became an auntie this month. What books should I buy him for Xmas?

The dark side of free will | Gregg Caruso | #TEDx talk | I cannot believe it's been seven years since I gave this TEDx talk! youtube.com/watch?v=rfOMqehl-Z | #philosophy #Punishment #criminology @philosophy

Editorial rant about honest errors 

@OverlyHonestEditor the question then is, if you notice an error and don’t correct it, does it then become fraud?

@SteveCooke Found some nice tidbits in Chapter 2 of Anna Neima’s The Utopians about Dorothy and Leonard Elmhurst’s Dartington Hall which saw the construction of the first Chicken factory farm by Gustave Heuser and some other stuff.

@russokrauss “Wulf’s great strength is her narrative skills; but her great weakness is philosophy, where she lacks the basics of conceptual rigor and analysis.” Blimey! 😬

3. Drayton: Nature's government: Science, imperialism and the “improvement” of the world
A great historical study which looks at the links between the field of , , and . Drayton argues that such science was intrinsically useful to colonial expansion, guiding the exploitation of exotic environments as well as making conquest seem necessary, legitimate, and beneficial.

🔗: yalebooks.yale.edu/book/978030

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2. Weik von Mossner: Moving environments: Affect, Emotion, Ecology, and Film.
A collection of essays from a range of international scholars investigating how films portray human emotional relationships with the more-than-human world and how such films act upon their viewers’ emotions.

🔗 wlupress.wlu.ca/Books/M/Moving

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Interested in learning more about the ? Here are three great books that will get you started with this emerging field:

1. Paige West: is Our Government Now: The Politics of Ecology in Papua New Guinea
A great read for those interested in . This book focuses on the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area, the site of a biodiversity conservation project in . West reveals how changing configurations of ideas, actions, and material relations would eventually drive project workers to unwittingly embody the role of government, and ultimately lead to the project's failure.

🔗: dukeupress.edu/conservation-is

@shank never been scared of the 4mile walk to work, but do go the back way to avoid vehicle fumes of the main road. No one can tell me that’s not sexy!

Watch @MedVetAcarology’s talk at Harvard Medical School earlier this month to find out more about how approaches that integrate & can improve outcomes and protection of .

🔗 youtu.be/99Pjye1hYnw

NHS medical confidentiality and privacy 

@JamesBaker Indeed, and exactly the kind of private data company this research showed people are morally suspicious off, as this UK research by @_JAStockdale shows: sro.sussex.ac.uk/id/eprint/815 and here (also from Stockdale) re similar threats in Canada: cmaj.ca/content/194/3/E95.long

To all animal philosophers/advocates on mastodon 

@DominikDammer @philosophy I don’t overtly work in animal rights, but it’s something I’m interested in, I work in related areas, and I’ve supervised students tackling the ethicality of veganism.

If you're interested in , come to this free VIRTUAL talk I'll be chairing at 2pm GMT today to learn more about how conservation can improve health especially in the context of both and .

Sign up here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/joint-actio
QT: qoto.org/@_JAStockdale/1093136

Dr Jessica A Stockdale  
Forgot to mention that you can attend this FREE session I’ll be chairing tomorrow VIRTUALLY. For #SSRPWeek at #Sussexuni, @MedVetAcarology and Dr K...

Have just realised that #academics can use @ORCID_Org to
#verify themselves.

Just include your full mastodon link (like this: mas.to/@marekmcgann) in the "Websites and Social Links" section in ORCID, then include link to your ORCID record in your Mastodon profile.

Hurray for distributed digital identities!

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