I sometimes think, Thanos was so damn right.
I've been using anti pollution mask ever since Diwali but i don't see people around me using them except kids who got the masks from govt and some other health sensitive people.
People are so ignorant about these stuffs. My uncle said, " nothing is happening, you kids read anything and start this craze, look, no one is dying"

@_lunawinters They had some huge smog days in London, I think just before WWII if my memory is right.

Pea soup air, and accidents happening.

Found it - Wikipedia has a page for the 1952 big one.



@design_RG what's the average AQI in your city right now ?

@_lunawinters Not sure what AQI is, Aaditi. Explain?

Oooh. Early morning troubles. Air Quality Index, says addled brain befpre Bing lookup. 😏

Air quality here in Niagara region is quite good. I am in the middle of the Niagara Peninsula, there's agricultural land in many directions, I love riding my bikes on the small, quiet roads.

50 K people only on my city. 450 K in the whole Niagara region, which is fairly large area. Closest smoggy place is the Greater Toronto Area, GTA. Maybe about 5 million pop there.

All of Canada is only about 37 mil, so it boggles my mind how many people live in , and the magnitude of the challenges you all face.

@design_RG the land we have is relatively small for our large population. That gives birth to a lot of problems like unemployment, pollution, poverty etc.
You people should try to keep the pollution low till we, Indians, do something to help the Earth.

@_lunawinters Very true, the largest emmiters soon will be China and India.

We just got carbon taxes implemented here in Canada, my latest natural gas bill shows it at about 1/3 of the cost of gas supply cost -- which is an Essential, live support need during the cold winters in the Northern hemisphere.

And it will go up year by year. Tempting to think about getting a small rural place with a wood lot for heating fuel source.

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