2021-03-12, 08:17, Friday

Weather swings are a lot like mood swings, but it’s not just your mind gets stained; your boots and pants do too. I am now looking at my shoes covered in mud and contemplating my life choices while the train gets me to university.

On a serious note, I am weather-sensitive and get severe mindfog along with a headache whenever temperature rises significantly. This is very annoying since I’m Moscow these “jumps” are common.

I could probably write something else but I haven’t written anything for my projects yet and it’s half past nine. So I’ll leave it for another time.


2021-03-12, 08:43

Right, forgot an important thing. I’m on my third day without caffeine (not counting tea, but I need to drink something hot). I feel slightly less alert in the mornings, sleep better, way less jittery and anxious. I do miss the taste though. Not quite sure if the tradeoff is worth it, but it’s good to have some stability for once.

An important feature is pain tolerance. When I have caffeine in my system it gets harder to tolerate pain, especially sharp one. And I get injections for avitaminosis every second Sunday, so it makes sense to keep this “fast” going for at least another few days.

@academicalnerd The less alert in the mornings is probably because you still have to get used to the transition? I’m plenty alert in the mornings and I’ve never had coffee (don’t like the taste).

The amount of times I’ve seen coworkers very grumpy until they finally can get a cup of coffee at my previous job was ridiculous. It was too plain obvious they were addicted to that stuff in order to be able to function. :P

With tea you wouldn’t have this oddness.

@trinsec i always wonder how much of this is due to people being forced to work at times which are against their natural sleeping cycle.

i have the (pet-)theory that the different times when people sleep are a remainder of our evolutionary past. it makes sense that someone is awake at every point to alert the ones sleeping if there's danger (and other things like childcare, etc.)

would be interesting if there's any research on this.

@bonifartius That's certainly an interesting thought. Though probably not that terribly likely in this case, as I was the only one not affected (I was the only one not drinking coffee). ;)

I guess it’s just that I am tired - studying is taking it’s toll on me. Nonetheless, it was much easier to get into the flow state with some caffeine. But I’ll get used to it.

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