Maybe everyone really should host their own instances.

It took a couple weeks, but now I'm seeing the instance admin drama. And I just don't have the time or ability to figure out who's right about which things.

@acjay I’m actively trying not to get involved in any drama. All I have to say is that everyone in this server has been very nice and welcoming.

@gpowerf @acjay

So, what you think about Watson winning Jeopardy? Pretty impressive, isn't it?

@gpowerf I don't necessarily mind drama, if I think it's a useful discussion. But in this case, a lot of it impacts which parts of the Fediverse you belong to, based on which instance you're on.


This is sort of where the Urbit/Solid guys have been for a decade or so. Everything self-hosted as a minimum for entry onto the net.

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