@LittleWytch Ah, so you start at the crust... but what if there was no crust at all? Only pizza, until there is nothing. Would that not tear some belief systems asunder?

@admitsWrongIfProven I have no idea where you're going with that, but you clearly missed the joke comparing the different circles of pepper heat to the different "circles of hell." If such a place existed, I'm sure it would be filled with all those peppers... and Republicans. 😛


@LittleWytch I thought outside should be tame, and it seems it is arranged that way?
In any case, no crust pizza is a thing i pursue, and i was just making shallow conversation here ^^
May every person enjoy pizza to their liking, but the "republicans" you mentioned maybe only as either/or with enjoy or hurt others? Eh, could make that global, enjoy or be hateful. Yeah, that works for me.

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