Want to study bumblebees in the Arctic? The impact of global warming on pollinators? There's an open PhD position in Richard Gill's lab at in London gillinsectresearch.com

The PhD ad is a PDF: imperial.ac.uk/media/imperial-

"Our knowledge of how interaction networks, such as plant-pollinator relationships, are being
affected by climate change remains in its infancy. This is primarily due to us having a limited
understanding of the underlying mechanisms determining how plant and pollinator
populations respond to climatic variation."

"This project will study an Arctic plant-pollinator community located in Lapland (Sweden) by
taking advantage of a unique phenology transect spanning an elevational gradient."

(Copying from PDF never works well ... and this instance doesn't yet offer an edit button. Sorry.)

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@albertcardona If you’re talking about your previous post - It rendered great in my text console, using ‘tut’. Just FYI. :-)

@marathon0 Good to know. And I am curious: which client is “tut”? Not found in the repositories:

$ tut
Command ‘tut’ not found, did you mean:
command ‘tput’ from deb ncurses-bin (6.3-2)
command ‘nut’ from deb nutsqlite (2.0.6-3)
command ‘lut’ from deb tracetuner (3.0.6~beta+dfsg-3)
command ‘tt’ from deb treetop (1.6.8-1)
command ‘tua’ from deb tua (4.3-14)
command ‘tst’ from deb pvm-examples (3.4.6-3.2)
command ‘tup’ from deb tup (0.7.8-3)
command ‘cut’ from deb coreutils (8.32-4.1ubuntu1)
command ‘ttut’ from deb tcm (2.20+TSQD-7)
command ‘tgt’ from deb tcm (2.20+TSQD-7)
Try: sudo apt install

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