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So it seems we should do an . I'm a software developer currently working at a biotechnology firm in southern California helping build their first product. I develop in C++ and C for the flattened green pellets, I use Rust and Python in my spare time, hacking on a fringe biology-inspired computer vision thing. I am a Linux and i3 user and I hate your mainstream OS. Just kidding use what you want, just don't ask me for help! 😜

I am a fan of SpaceX, independent of the guy in charge, who is clearly a loon. I'm old as dirt, socially liberal and a recovering libertarian. I walk a lot and am a bad vegetarian. I enjoy smokey and/or peaty scotch whisky, and have never turned down a good IPA.

How come I only get recruiters from companies I’d absolutely never work for? I’m talking about the one led by the beady eyed robot and…well that’s it, that’s the only one that seems to be interested in my sorry old ass in this economy. And the universe laughs on…

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@zwol M4 always was horrible, and I say that as the original author of GNU M4.

The original Unix M4 was weird, and there weren't really any good explanations for why it was the way it was. Apparently someone at Bell labs needed a preprocessor and wrote M4, sometimes in the '70, for no other greater purpose than to scratch a personally itch.

GNU M4 only exists because RMS wanted GNU to have what Unix had, and while I wanted to do something different and better, RMS convinced me to do M4 first.

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Seriously, in retrospect, #autotools itself is a massive supply-chain security risk.

It has normalized shipping and running tens of thousands of lines of arbitrary executable code without any safeguards.

Code that is so mind-numbingly awful that nobody will review it, and written in a language that is full of gotchas that are sneaky eval gadgets.

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Tests based on “does this code compile?” always did rub me the wrong way. Such test code is expected to either compile successfully or fail for a specific reason, but these tests almost never check if the failure had the correct error type and location, and it's almost never even possible to check.

This is not good.

#JavaScript, of all languages, shows us the right way to deal with this: it has a “does this symbol exist?” operator. C and #Rust need that, yesterday.

#programming #xz

@freemo Any idea why I’m getting multiple poll end notifications? This seems to happen independent of the originating server, so I’m guessing it’s a problem. The latest one I responded to I received 6 notifications.

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A reminder to everyone to stay safe and only use basic text editors this month. Beware the IDEs of March

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@Strandjunker That's just wealth on papier as shares. This wealth ist also used to drive additional projects that feed many employers. With sone good ideas, hard work and some luck this is the way for everybody. Why this envy debate?

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If you use #Emacs I bet you use isearch all the time, but only in its basic form. But what if you could use all of its rich features from a Transient menu? In my latest blog post, I show you how.

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I've created a #blog post comparing the performance of standard library 'sort' calls in different languages. Chapel's sort uses composable parallelism to be 10x faster than other popular languages for a test sort on my PC.

#chapellang #rustlang #julialang #golang #radixsort

I almost need some THC in my veins just to get through those Mood Cannabis commercials. Is this a new marketing technique?

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Last new years I decided against getting fireworks. It's just too harmful to the environment. Instead I build this "reusable" rocket out of a d1 mini microcontroller and a WS2812B LED-strip. It is "lit" by pushing a button.

The kids really like starting the rocket.

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Alright, it's done! Introducing, hashtodon. Your friendly mastodon hashtag discovery tool.

You can find it here:

And the source code is on github:

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@freemo is getting a little long in the tooth being apparently based on a mastodon version released in Oct 2020 (3.2.1). Any plans to update to a more recent base version?

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@carnage4life However the large sloping front surface means that pedestrian remains wash off easier than other pickup trucks.

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