A queue of Blue Jays at the peanut feeder. It isn't always FIFO (first in, first out); sometimes a waiting Jay will be looking off in space when another one takes the next spot.

TIL the source of Monday's household crisis was the power consumption of the printer >> what the little UPS could handle (the wireless router was affected, 3 ppl couldn't work).

Mercy sakes, our printer is a hog.

Critters at home: 1: imperious-looking Blue Jay, 2: expectant squirrel (I realized I may be able to tell them apart from the ears, this one has some injuries), 3: white-breasted nuthatch in a classic, no neck pose, 4: one of the many, many chickadees.

Northern Mockingbirds at home, doing what they do best: getting to the top of a tree and singing their little hearts out.

Interdisciplinary research's joys! /s

> ... after many decades, Ambartsumian said, "If an astronomer publishes an article with a mathematical content in a physics journal, then the most likely thing that will happen to it is oblivion."


Celosia at the farm, on top of a compost pile. The seeds must have come in with someone's garden clippings; there have been a few large celosia plants at that location for the last 2 summers. There's one bloom in this photo that has fasciation / cresting.

Plant-pumpkin II was starting to degrade, so I planted it in the flowerbed.

Good morning / afternoon / evening from Sassy the Ayrshire. "hhhhaaayyyy"

Ok, whose computer vision project is this?
[The CAPTCHA for LinkedIn, I had to do 5 of these things.]

Is this a new variety of academic spam? (podcasts where ... you don't speak).

A hibiscus flower in October ... these plants were hit by frost, but were still going in early November. [It has been a strange weather year here.]

Feeling judged by this Downy Woodpecker ... a group of three came to peck at our deck. Yes! we know we need to replace the deck, lumber prices are high, ok? [Photo through a window]

Bird habit creation for the winter continues ... the kids called it the 'wood monolith' after the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season we're watching. (The hope is that woodpeckers will like it. We'll ... see.)

btw bearded iris blooming in November?? so strange.

I'm playing around with video a bit. The peanut feeder is very popular! Here's a downy woodpecker, hanging upside down, pecking away.

[Video alt: the feeder is a wreath-style peanut feeder, hanging from a shepherd's hook-style holder. The bird is small & has its tail propped]

Hello! I'm a researcher in & for . My current obsession / reading is projective geometry.

Interests: , , .
Photo: our dog, who we refer to as the pup.

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