A queue of Blue Jays at the peanut feeder. It isn't always FIFO (first in, first out); sometimes a waiting Jay will be looking off in space when another one takes the next spot.

@Scottroby72 it is a jacket in shirt format. Formerly: shirt jack.

I attempted to clothes shop for my kids. Another weird one: 'girls' mom jeans' wtf does THAT mean?

TIl II -- what is a shacket?
a shirt jacket

TIL the source of Monday's household crisis was the power consumption of the printer >> what the little UPS could handle (the wireless router was affected, 3 ppl couldn't work).

Mercy sakes, our printer is a hog.

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Every year, students in my CS 488 Software Development course work in teams of 4-8 to build software for an external customer. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area, that customer could be you!

Last year's ​projects included:

* A video game to teach people about earthquake preparedness.
* Creative animation software for an artist.
* A tool to help a faculty member organize course content.

Do you (or someone you know in a local organization) have a computational problem for which you need a piece of software? Let me know and maybe we can help you out.


Free custom software! This comes with some caveats:

* We usually produce stand-alone desktop applications. Other things are possible, but I'd prefer to stay within this realm.
* These are mostly seniors working on their first large piece of software. I make no guarantees as to quality; you might get something that you can use to do real work, but you might just get a fragile "proof of concept". We use an agile development technique that regularly reexamines goals, priorities, and expectations; this leads to a good probability that we'll have something working by the end of the semester, even if some of your more optimistic features have to be dropped.
* There probably won't be anyone to maintain your program after the semester is over. You might be able to hire some juniors to do more work on it.

WHAT YOU GIVE (We'll work with you on all of these things)

* Create an initial description of your project.
* Create and maintain a list of "user stories"​ (​things that you want your program to do​)​.
* Commit to meet with the students every other week to discuss progress and priorities. This must be a firm commitment; it's a disaster for me ​and ​the students and me if a customer flakes out.

Please boost and let me know ASAP if you're interested!

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Hi folks! I love that people have posted contact info from the bird site.

if websites: it is hard to keep up with your lovely new posts without RSS or updates via email (team RSS here). Or do you all have some other way? 👀

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Representing the machine learning community by giving a talk at #AIChE2022 in jeans and sneakers.

Every other speaker wore a whole suit and tie!

(also every speaker was male but that's a different topic)

@Scottroby72 Those are some cute dogs and dog coats, Scott.

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Critters at home: 1: imperious-looking Blue Jay, 2: expectant squirrel (I realized I may be able to tell them apart from the ears, this one has some injuries), 3: white-breasted nuthatch in a classic, no neck pose, 4: one of the many, many chickadees.

@strickvl ooh thanks! I was able to find the feed. (Now, I've looked at the RSS for my own site, I may want to do some tweaking ...)

@strickvl I tried to add the RSS feed from you .systems webpage ... no luck. Do you have RSS there, or is FeedBro letting me down?

Hi folks! I love that people have posted contact info from the bird site.

if websites: it is hard to keep up with your lovely new posts without RSS or updates via email (team RSS here). Or do you all have some other way? 👀

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We needed a library to securely transfer arbitrary #python objects across the network. We needed it for training models using cluster resources. Yann Bouteiller and Milo Sobral delivered, and It's now #opensource and available on #GitHub. Perhaps you'll find it useful!


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Owls are definitely my favourite subject to photograph, so it was a delight to run a little owl workshop on a farm in Worcs for a few years, before relocating.

Each summer I would search the branches of the old oaks near the barn to see if any owlets had successfully branched.

Just like the adults, the owlets have that intense and comical, angry-looking stare.

Fabulous, amusing birds that I miss seeing.

#littleowl #owl #naturelover #wildlifephotographer #cute #funny #worcestershire

@BayesForDays I tend to put a lot of 'wtf' in the margins these days ....

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I keep seeing lots of long-time #fediverse users saying 'don't favourite posts it does nothing' but actually when you favourite my posts it makes me smile and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Northern Mockingbirds at home, doing what they do best: getting to the top of a tree and singing their little hearts out.

I didn't follow the FTX disaster, Today in Tabs has a good and humorous summary

@heidykhlaaf If you want to expand all the CWs, there's a setting to change in preferences ->


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