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Hive Social 

They're calling it a new kind of social media because its feed is chronological. That just sounds like what Facebook and Twitter was. These things don't start big and evil, but they all get there.

They'll build critical mass and then they'll find a way to monetize you or they'll get swallowed up by some larger media corporation who will find a way to monetize you. The ads will come. The engagement boosting algorithm will come. You and your data will always be food for them.

Don't fall for it again. You've already found the better way.

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I've tracked down videos and GIFs not working on and to a rate-limit issue with our object storage provider and have raised a support ticket with them #devops

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My boss, Matt Mullenweg, the boss of Automattic, owner of Tumblr, is looking for ex-Twitter employees for Tumblr, saying,

"we're putting on a fast track to see how they can help super-charge Tumblr. We can't absorb thousands of people, but I'd be open to hiring entire teams if they already work great together."

He's photomatt on Twitter, or look here too:

Boost for visibility, please? Spread the word!

#Twitter #JobFairy #Automattic #Tumblr

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I posted something the other night, rather lighthearted, about the perks of online academic talks and being able to eff and jeff freely when you're annoyed at the speaker. Since then, I've experienced something for the 'cons' column - an attendee screenshotting my slides, cropping them to take the institution logo off, and dropping them in their own powerpoints without permission, acknowledgement or credit. Just don't do that shit folks, it's theft. #AcademicChatter

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As appendix to my and catalyst for possible collaborations in the field, I would like to our recent effort in the modulation of the /#CCR6 axis to identify new for and other depending on the same axis.

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Research assistant jobs going at The University of Bath if anyone is interested...

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I hope you are aware of the Reichert Foundation’s Equipment Grants, for those in the community:

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As Evidence Mounts, New Concerns About Fracking and Health.
Two decades after the advent of , a growing number of studies are pointing to a link between gas wells and health problems, particularly among children and the elderly. Researchers are now calling for new regulations restricting where wells can be located.

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Today is #WorldPancreaticCancerDay💜and #CervicalCancer🎗️Elimination Day of Action.

Yet, I notice that neither have found their way to my Mastodon feed…
Give me a shout if you’re interested in what were doing under the #EUCancerPlan.

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I will give big points to the first news organization, big or small, that:
* Sets up an instance for its newsroom,
* Sets up an instance for the community it serves,
* Enables rel=me for staff,
* Creates a boost-on-Mastodon sharing function,
* Enhances that function so headlines/images (with alt-text) appear in the toot,
* Covers the Fediverse as more than a geeky curiosity or alt-Twitter,
* Listens to and joins in the conversation here.

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is offering an International Climate Protection Fellowship. The closing date for applications is 1 February of each year.

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Hi #econjobmarket, @econometrics and @machinelearning

Are you a post-doc and you love research? Do you have a strong focus on econometrics and, why not, machine learning?

Apply for our Assistant Professor position!

- 6-year tenure track
- small teaching load for all 6 years (teach in your field!)
- clear tenure requirements (no surprises!)
- dynamic (and young) group working in several fields:
#AppliedMicro #Labor, #IO, #EnvironEcon #Health, #Public and more

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Do you follow too many people?

Do you want to organise your Mastodon home timeline into several themed mini-timelines that are easier to navigate?

You can do this on Mastodon using the "Lists" feature, and here's a guide all about it:

You can use Lists on third party apps like Tusky for Android or Metatext for iPhone/iPad, or on your server's website.

#Mastodon #Lists

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Award for best PhD thesis in Physical Chemistry 

Did you recently finish your PhD thesis in Physical Chemistry or are about to finish? The German Bunsen Society award the Agnes Pockels Award for best PhD thesis! Send your application until November 30! PhD students from all over Europe may apply for the award. Your application requires a short (2p max) CV, a short summary of your thesis, and 2 recommendation letters from senior scientists (e.g. your supervisor). The 4 best candidates will present a short lecture on their thesis at Bunsen-Tagung 2023 and the awardee will be recognized in the final ceremony of the conference. The winner will also receive 1000 €! Good luck to all applicants! More info (in German)

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I guess I should do ? For all the people who aren't following me. ;-)

Ahem. I'm a engineer and a (mostly) PC , although I can't play FPS games because motion sickness. I''ve got an undergrad degree in and a masters in (yes, I know that's an unusual combination). I worked in airborne and (mostly) of the oceans for twelve years (a few publications but nothing first-author, I was doing tech rather than science) before gradually drifting back to software engineering via weather radar. Also spent most of that time as a rep - strong believer in the necessity of collective bargaining and collective action as a counterbalance to over-emphasised executive/management power.

Mostly coding in these days and trying to get my head around .

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Want to study bumblebees in the Arctic? The impact of global warming on pollinators? There's an open PhD position in Richard Gill's lab at in London

The PhD ad is a PDF:

"Our knowledge of how interaction networks, such as plant-pollinator relationships, are being
affected by climate change remains in its infancy. This is primarily due to us having a limited
understanding of the underlying mechanisms determining how plant and pollinator
populations respond to climatic variation."

"This project will study an Arctic plant-pollinator community located in Lapland (Sweden) by
taking advantage of a unique phenology transect spanning an elevational gradient."

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Amazing how little I can find about all events in #Iran #Iranprotests , tips who to follow?

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