Wondering what the best practice would be on for people talking in more languages.

I don't like to have my timeline spammed with languages I don't understand, so would avoid writing in another language here. So what, making another account? Would be useful to have "subchannels", like does, so that one may just follow my English posts.

Any thought on the matter? What would you consider the best practice here?

@arteteco The next release will have a proper timeline based language filter I hear. Should fix the problem. I temporarily silenced instances which dont speak any english. Once the new feature is released ill take those silences off.

So I can post in all languages from my account and people can choose what language to show in their own timelines? Awesome, I'll wait for it to post in Italian, no double account hassle! Do you know if it will always be automatic detection (prone to fail) or it can be manually set when tooting?

@arteteco I'm not 100% certain but I think it will be automatic detection. I agree it is desperately needed though. One of the big usability fails of the current platform.

@freemo I did some research on github.. seems like this feature is a bit too complex for mastodon right now, they are exploring some option but all in all doesn't seem like something we are going to see soon. *Sigh*, I'll have to go with a double account then

@arteteco That sucks. Well you are welcome to have a nonenglish account here if youd like.

@freemo thanks man, I'll see if I can find an Italian server first not to spam the timeline =)

@arteteco Whichever you'd prefer of course But i wouldnt consider it spamming the timeline. I'd like to see diversity here.

@arteteco Well, i don't know if everybody, but maybe someone is following your account even if english is not their mother tongue. Just silence them (it can be done in GNUSocial, i guess in Mastodon too) so you don't see their toots, but they can see yours. Just a thought.

@ai I don't really see the point in silencing someone who is following me. Maybe you mean a case where we both follow each other?
What I'd like to do is follow that profile but only for the languages I understand, like Italian Spanish and English, but there is no way to specifically set the language of the toots/status, only for the whole account (at least in mastodon/pleroma, not sure about GS)

@arteteco Yes, you are right, we didn't catch the context. And no, as far as we know, you can't do that on GS. Y lo que dices estaría bien para algunas cuentas que seguimos en japonés/inglés :)

@ai This looks like a possible solution, by having a channel for each language (as I commented in the issue):

@arteteco Yes, this could be it. Let's hope for something like this to be implemented in GS/Mastodon/Pleroma, it would be nice.
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