seems like the experiment of growing oyster mushrooms on simple recycled cardboard is going good, they are pinning easily... not sure how nutritious they'll come up to be though. Any idea on how the boost it?

@arteteco Prettty neat. Wish I knew more about mycology to help you out there.

@arteteco Is that pure cardboard or are you mixing anything else in? I often see people suggesting used coffee grounds with cardboard, mostly to boost the N/C ratio a bit but it might improve other nutrients as well.

I've been growing mine on a mix of junk mail and garden trimmings, which is more about what I have available than what the mushrooms want. I just finished my third fruiting and yields have been pretty variable.

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@mcmoots Hi,
I've done many buckets to experiment, and I used wasted oil as nutrient for 2 buckets, in an attempt to recover the calories. For some reason, the ones with the oil are all gone bad... I reckon the idea was good, but not enough air passing by. I may try with something to give a more balanced texture.

This ones with cardboard are with cardboard only, to see if there is everything the mushroom needs to grow from there.

I've never used garden trims, also because they are variable and woody often, but I could select some leaves... that's a good idea.

Coffee grounds are great in places where starbucks gives them out for free in massive amount, but storing those coffee grounds that I produce myself is difficult, after a little while other mushrooms and molds attack them.

Do you use plastic bags as container? Or any other reusable thing? Those buckets I use are just for test, too small to give a significant yield...

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@arteteco I grow in plastic bread bags that would otherwise get thrown out. I'm not looking for huge yields, just enough for a meal or two every couple months, and don't really have space for anything bigger.

Oyster mushrooms grow on logs in nature, so I don't worry about putting some woody stuff in. It's slower to colonize it but it usually makes a start at least.

I just picked up a big batch of coffee grounds from work for my next batch though :)

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