My professor wants us to work with BioEdit. This program is:

* , even though free (as in free beer)
* Only works with Windows, can't even manage to install it on VM with Wine.
* **is unmaintained since 2009**.

Please and community, help me find something I can work it that doesn't feel like wearing a shoe filled with beans, or at least install this thing... seems like winxp is slow up to uselessness in VM for some reason.



Not optimal, but you could try running it in a VirtualBox VM. That would also let you run it under XP without infecting your system with it.

@suetanvil Hi, thanks for the answer. I have a winXP on KVM, I'll see how it goes. It also says on the bioedit website that "New version is WinXP compatible " 😭

I don't like to spend time studying stuff that I'll throw out the window as soon as the exam is done, but seems the only option...

@arteteco I was in the same boat a few years ago, but it was with EstimateS biodiversity software (before the last update). It ran on Windows (most of the time, anyway), but not in Wine, etc. I ended up picking up a very cheap Windows laptop, which is in now in line to have linux installed--so it's not a total waste. Try all the VM options first, but then try asking if anyone has an old Windows machine lying around.

@delibrarian What was wrong with the VM option? That is what I guess I'll have to do now

@arteteco I never did figure it out. It was one of those "everything looks fine and then nothing happens" situations.

Looks like immediately after my class there was an update, and EstimateS will now run on Macs. Not that I'm likely to use it anytime soon, as that's not my specialty.

Good luck!

@simon_brooke Thanks for your answer, but it lists too many softwares, often without license and looking through them all would take me a lot of time...

@arteteco I know nothing about the field, but I usually use this page to find FOSS alternatives:

There are not too many free alternatives to BioEdit that run in GNU/Linux so maybe you can find a useful one. Good luck!

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