I think I discovered a superpower of mine: I'm quite anonymous. I usually have to introduce myself 2-3 times as people don't remember ever meeting me before, and I manage to hang around the same places for a while without anyone saying 'hey, I know you'. If something, I got ask 'hey, are you new here?'. That's so amazing.

My questions for the fediverse are:

* any idea on how to properly test this feeling, like in a good experiment?

* thoughts on how to improve this power of mine?

@arteteco usually the best way to practice it is at parties you were not invited in.
Unfortunately I'm quite recognizable and lasts pretty short time until they realize I'm there stealing pizza slices from the buffet

Great idea, only problem I.see is that in a party where everyone kniw each other someone more anonymous may stand out. I'll give that a try nonetheless, worst case scenario I can get free pizza!

@arteteco Maybe you are just too shy to get noticed?
Or as it sometimes happens to me, if I don't find the people interesting I stay quiet in a corner until I can escape unnoticed.

You got a strategy there, seems solid. Do you also have this power?

I'm not a shy person, I'd say, and I feel quite at ease in almost every context.
It may be a matter of dressing, hairstyle and such, or maybe my way of doing, as you say.

An experiment would start by quantifying people who say hello to me in a new environment for a month, then change clothing style and see if the average trend changes...

@arteteco I'm afraid I don't have your natural power. I have to make an effort to go unnoticed ;-)

@paolo Hard work is to be appreciated nonetheless. I shall follow your steps now and do my best to cultivate my talent.

@arteteco Thanks.

BTW: who are you?
Did we ever toot each others?


I used to think this. Then I discovered more people recognized me and knew about than I realized. Most people are just hesitant to reach out and build on that connection and that's ok. But sometimes, with a little help, you can strengthen that little thread of recognition

Mmhm, how would I go to understand if I really go unnoticed or is just in my head, you reckon? A few days ago I introduced myself to a person *for the sixth time*. And she didn't remember me at all.

To make myself clear, I find it awesome. Would like to improve it, if there are ideas on the how to

Well that person will probably remember you now. I am fairly introverted so I tend to be a wallflower. But I realized I was wrong to think that being reserved meant I didn't have a presence. Mostly I observed that others knew things about me they could only learn from talking to other people!

I would suggest asking a close friend what they've heard about you!

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