I think I discovered a superpower of mine: I'm quite anonymous. I usually have to introduce myself 2-3 times as people don't remember ever meeting me before, and I manage to hang around the same places for a while without anyone saying 'hey, I know you'. If something, I got ask 'hey, are you new here?'. That's so amazing.

My questions for the fediverse are:

* any idea on how to properly test this feeling, like in a good experiment?

* thoughts on how to improve this power of mine?

@arteteco usually the best way to practice it is at parties you were not invited in.
Unfortunately I'm quite recognizable and lasts pretty short time until they realize I'm there stealing pizza slices from the buffet


Great idea, only problem I.see is that in a party where everyone kniw each other someone more anonymous may stand out. I'll give that a try nonetheless, worst case scenario I can get free pizza!

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