I started to try out today, at @arteteco , hoping to get a motivational boost in shooting more.

So far, it has a pretty sleek and intuitive UI. @dansup is quite the man!

@arteteco @arteteco @dansup I will kill and eat this crab if you do not motivated. He or she is an innocent blue crab. I have the old bay ready, and a pot of boiling water. I'll do it, @arteteco . GET TO WORK. >:|


@Surasanji Holy shit let go of that crab! I'll just post... I'll post something, I'll post... one of the best tables I've seen in my life, that's what I'll post.

@arteteco @dansup

@arteteco @arteteco @dansup You get off easy this time. I have released the crab back into the wilds of Maryland's oceans.

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