What app do you lover people use? I just switch from a simple feed reader to antennapod, available at , and I am quite happy with it, but especially for searching new podcasts I'd like to know if there is something else you'd recommend.

'Morning fediverse!

@arteteco NOTHING compares to #AntennaPod 😅

I'm using it since long time ago (years?) and it's a very polished/mature app that makes what it has to do with many personalization settings

* choose how/when sync
* when (wifi) and where (external SD) store files
* sync with gpodder (for backup list)

I'm open to suggestions tho 👍

Thanks, nice to know I am not the only one to find it so nice!

I currently use PocketCasts. Not FOSS, or even free, but quite good.

@arteteco I switched from an iOS podcast-feedreader to AntennaPod. Beside the missing adaptable speed it is the best pod-app i ever had. It is no problem to feed real RSS-feeds into it (like custom made collections people share via rss). And you have 3 pretty standard search options for podcasts.

@syndikalista @arteteco AntennaPod supports adapting playback speed. There's a button for that in the player activity.

@arteteco I've been very very happy with Pocket Casts.

Kinda perfect actually; exactly what i want out of a podcast app.

Mee to. I dIscovered antenna pod: it works fine


pro tip: turn youtube channels into podcasts using a service such as (someone know any floss alternative?) and watch your favourite #youtube channels in antenna pod, just like a #podcast.

@uniq hi, well youtube offers rss feed, so you don't really need any tool to make a feed out of a channel.

For example, the feed for BBC Earth is

@arteteco those are not podcast feeds, just RSS feeds containing links to youtubes website.

A podcast feed on the other hand has direct links to audio/video files. So pod-catchers can play the media content in a local madiaplayer app. eg antennapods built in video player.

I see what you mean. I have youtube links to automatically play audio in background using newpipe, I really just have to press the link button and it plays, that's why I didn't catch the big difference.

@arteteco Oh that's great, no closed services involved there.

I frequently ride public transportation/longboard thuo. Downloading videos in advance and watching/listening them while being offline grew pretty dear to me.

@uniq if you can go on and have one tap more for the "Download audio" button in newpipe you are all set :)

But I can see how having a more integrated way of proceeding can be useful, sure thing.

@arteteco I've been using Poscast Addict for a few years now, haven't looked at alternatives in a while. It seems to have all the same features that reviewers like in podcast addict, and I haven't had any issues at all with playback it finding new podcasts or anything.

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