I would like to follow my professor profile on instagram. Also, there are a couple of twitter accounts I like, and some places on facebook that only post there their events.

I could do an account for each of the places I'd like to get info from but frankly, beside the hassle, it would be time consuming to just go in every website every time to check.

Ah, if there only was a technology that allowed us to, oh I don't know, "aggregate" the news... so that I get something like a notification when something happens, and it could even download the content.

Oh, that would be so nice, I'm sure everybody would use it.

@arteteco You could always mirror their accounts here and use a twitter bridge?

@freemo With Twitter i could, I could also set up a bot to transform their tweets into feed... couldn't with instagram and facebook though.
I was just venting how I profoundly dislike their choice of not using Atom/RSS, actually.

@arteteco Fair, Though if they supported ActivityPub i think it would be like RSS on steroids :) Even better.

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