Hi @freemo , a small question for when you have time: how did you find discourse so far, in terms of maintenace?

I managed a phpbb community, I'd just like something where I do not have to mess with the code, and I do not have to put the whole community in standby when there is an update as some plugin will likely break.
Is it giving you many headaches, so far?

@arteteco Thats a bit loaded, depends on your setup. **if** you follow **exactly** the way they tell you to install it then it likely works. That means baremetal, always up, no load balancing or redundancy, no enterprise level features.

I on the other hand hacked it to run in a docker container and be load balanced. This was a **huge** effort and compounded by the fact that the support community is very hostile to any other install processes, so you will not get help.

Also their support communitya nd community as a whole is very for-profit oriented. So it is in their best interest not to help you beyond the standard install route. When i went there asking for basic advice I basically got a response along the lines of "This is an unsupported install, but if you pay me 100$ an hour I can fix your problem, otherwise take your problem elsewhere"

With that said once I got it up and running the maintenance is a breeze, but that is in large part due to my own hacks as writing services that run through containers instead of bare metal is by its very nature much easier to maintain.

@arteteco Its also resource hungry. I'm likely going to have to double the memory as it is running pretty slow with a memory bottleneck right now. Luckily i have plenty to spare.

@freemo thanks for your reply! I thought that docker install was the preferred way, do you mean that you had to hack the docker files?

How much memory are we using atm on qoto?

@arteteco There is an installer, it does use docker, and that is the "prefered" way.. but its not "standard" docker. There is no way you can bring the service up through say docker-compose.yml or a call to docker (or several calls).

There is an installer which you also have to rerun anythime you make any changes. IT ultimately kicks off docker.

Thing is because of the way they do it you literally loose all advantage to using docker in the first place (That being you can just spin up a container and it works).

Worse yet since you cant run a docker container inside a docker container the fact that they use bastardized-docker is exactly the reason why running a sane standardized docker container is extremely difficult.

My whole setup was little more than doing away with the baremetal aspect and making it into standard-docker and that meant completely rewriting the containerization.

As far as the docker perspective goes of discourse it is an absolute shit-show.

@freemo I see, those are... interesting design choices. How much memory are we using right now? I though couple of GBs would have done for it

@freemo Sure, no problem, thanks a bunch for the help!

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