A few years ago I thought that not being able to even draw a cloud was a very silly limit, and decided to try to get past it - and see how long it would have taken me.

Here are some pictures, from time 0 (before starting to study) to around 20 hours of studying and trying.
Feel free to laugh at my time 0 drawing, it's ridiculous, I know. I'm still bad at it, but it felt good to overcome a mental obstacle. Oftentimes, it takes less than one may think!

@pschwede I'm not sure about it. I literally have done less than 30 hours of drawing, and I was always just drawing what I saw.

I didn't want to define myself by what I can't do, and liked the idea of measuring how quick would I climb the hill.

After this I just stopped drawing, I don't think I had time to develop a style of mine.

Thanks nonetheless =)

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