I've been reading various guides about Mastodon ( thanks to @design_RG ) to participate more effectively.

One thing I don't get is why it is people focused rather than topic focused (like reddit).

Specifically, I don't really understand how to follow a topic...

Like, do I have to search using a hashtag everytime I want to keep up with something??

@kosame @design_RG I too would like to pin a certain hangtag or even a collection of hashtags (think of multireddits), in order to receive relevant content. Although, I suppose peoplecentricism is probably the whole point here, and I'm just missing it by thinking these thoughts. In defence of I do have to point out that I enjoy the fact that I can make lists based on my preferences. Some people tend to post about a certain topic, so I can group them together in one list.

Nie post, good thoughts.

Mastodon is still under active development, and new features can and will be added in the future.

If people see a need and advocate for it, there's a chance a fix or extension might happen.

Or that we can use another platform that is also federated and interacts with mastodon instances.

I have seen some exquisite posts coming from other platforms, like European Discord instances, Friendica shows there in my feed and account there.

And there are others I haven't even got to visiting and looking around at yet.

I think we should look around and have more than one place, ideally other accounts and services that are connected to fediverse, and by their nature, allows the type of content or posting you are interested in.

I am beginning to write a blog and spent some time searching and evaluating alternatives, think I have one I like now.

There I could consolidate things that happen in spontaneous posts here, and are quickly covered up with never ending new posts.

Friendica is a bit similar to Facebook. Masto is to twitter. Write.freely is the blogging platform.

There are places for video, for music, file sharing. Very very rich, our fediverse.



Good morning~

Just to add to the discussion, I tried out Fedilab and while it was great, even on my semi decent phone, it ran reeeallly slow...

Haven't given Fedilab Lite a try yet, hope it runs better!


It's great that Prismo is federated!

I gave it a try and found it kinda underwhelming.. It's kinda halfway between reddit and twitter and doesn't seem to have subreddit like sub-communities.

I discovered Lemmy though, which seems great! It's similar to reddit but more minimal and transparent.

It isn't federated or stable yet, though :(



@kosame Yeah, I never got really engaged with prismo, especially since it lacks a bit the "community feeling" of the subreddits.

I didn't know about Lemmy though. This looks awesome, thanks! I hope it keeps going, it's something we sorely need in the fediverse.

The dev is @LemmyDev

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