It's a custom-built mechanical keyboard I assembled and programmed myself. You can buy parts to assemble your own mechanical keyboard in many places such as ebay/amazon, as well places like
and many other forums/websites.

The keyboard depicted is a %60 format(less keys than what you would normally find, which would likely be 100-120% formats). The keycaps are clear without any letters/markings and I added blue LED's to the clear Gateron switches. The PCB itself is highly customizable and has RGB underneath, capable of various LED modes and displays. I also added a couple of 'artesian' keycaps (the red lotus 'Esc' and 'Return' caps, and the flaked and g-prism).

Overall, this is my preferred aesthetic layout and I'm satisfied with it for the moment(this is my second board, by the way). My first board that I had assembled helped me hone skills I used to get my first full-IT job that ultimately allowed me to grow and explore other options later.

Projects like this are not only fun- but can potentially be very helpful in securing better work opportunities. Learning new things can be fun and also financially profitable.


@lucifargundam this looks awesome man! I don't really like mechanical keyboard (I like very very short action) but that's beautiful!

You can adjust the responsiveness and quietness of the keyboard by replacing the springs in the switches. Perhaps that might be something to consider? Or did you mean you preferred thin, more-compact keyboards?

@lucifargundam I like very low run keys, I tried two mechanical keyboards but they were too high for me

Like, that's my keyboard!

Looks nice for that type of keyboard :) nothing wrong with having different preferences! I don't think there's too much customization available for yours though :/

@lucifargundam yeah, it's very unfortunate... I tried many keyboards, I really wanted to have something nice with leds and work a bit on it, but couldn't find anything that suited me, I'm too used to this style of typing

Depending on how you type, there might still be remedies- did the ones you tried in the past have wrist rests?

@lucifargundam Rarely, but I enjoy them, feels better to type for long time

having a wrist wrest will help elevate your hands and make them more parallel to the keys, which may help with your finger reaching.
Check out some of these ideas:::

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