I've recently created an account, to try it out and see what is it about.
I'm FLABBERGASTED and slightly offended, I was banned 3 times in 2 weeks because Instagram thinks I'm not a person.

Feels like a ship that could crush any minute, so very unsafe, as if having your social life on a server controlled by others isn't a good enough reason for feeling restless to start with. How do people live with that stress?

Still, I like the structure and likely will give a try.

Same experience a couple of years ago, only I got banned before the first login. Without a VPN.


@omicron before the first login? WTF, did you do something to solve it? That thing is really weird.

I also am not using a VPN or bots and I get banned constantly

Yes I did - gave them my phone number 😑
I only needed an account for a couple of weeks to take part in some event.

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