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Please be aware that Freenode have now closed our IRC Channel as part of their continued Hostile Takeover and redirected it to "##gamingonlinux" which we do not control. DO NOTE USE FREENODE. We have moved to Libera.Chat:

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In a 2020 letter to management, Max Eliaser, an #Amazon software engineer, said #Ring is “simply not compatible with a free society”.

He's right.

--> "Amazon’s Ring is the largest civilian surveillance network the US has ever seen":

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If someone tells you natural medicine is a scam / doesn't work, realize I've cured my five year long insomnia by himalayan sea salt and herbal three days! The saltless diet recommended by doctors and vegans is the real scam, and seriously hurts people:

If you think there's a lot of frauds in the tech side of things, well...don't get into health research, or you might get a stroke.

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Self Privacy is set of utilities designed for non-professional users and installation on a small VPS or home server with limited resources and with minimal knowledge in IT specifics.

A commoner can set up his own private server in semi-automated mode with step-by-step instructions. And a special NixOS package set with installer allows to automatically install a basic set of decentralized utils:

- Private email server
- Bitwarden password manager
- Jitsi-meet for video conferences, etc
- VPN with OpenConnect for safe network browsing and creating private networks
- Delta-chat secure messenger
- Nextcloud for network file storage and sharing
- Gitea as source control and storage
- Pleroma as an entry to Fediverse

The installation is designed for a wide circle of users that want to get their own safe and secure server without getting into the complicated software setup process.

The alpha-version is launched and is tested now.
Developers accept comments and suggestions at

Thanks to @kirill

Please, spread the information for more users to learn about this project.

#decentralization #distribution #software #privacy #installer
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Is GDPR worth the paper it’s printed on? According to these fine folks, “browser fingerprinting … incognito mode detection … geolocation … anonymous user detection”, etc., are all apparently GDPR-compliant without consent if done for “fraud protection.”


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I copy this here from my LinkedIn:

Still look for an interesting job. Remotely.

I would say in short - C/Linux. Ideally, this is so.

I can write in C++. It's not a problem by itself, but its standard turned into something strange the past years. They steered up together programming language and system features like threads and this is not good. So I would prefer pure C because it stays consistent and universal tool for development and the guys upstairs can differ programming abstractions from system architecture, at least.

But please, no Windows, no Python, nothing like that. This is out of scope. Not my cup.

I deal with back-ends, system, hardware and networks-related programming. Threading and synchronization is not a problem: I haven't written a single threaded application since I graduated from Uni and it was decades ago. And yes, I'm a BS of math. Cannot call myself a mathematician (too big thing) but I'm smart enough to operate with any logical constructions and cope with complicated models.

I have quite a lot of experience in telecommunications, networks, real-time industrial automation software. Both architectural design from the base ground and/or development, getting into big massive of existing code, optimizing and profiling, tracing out and fixing difficult and rare bugs and quirks, optimizing for speed and/or for memory consumption. But I'm not into UI development and prefer to stay in console/daemons/system realms.

Physically I reside in Russia, but I fluently speak English and the past years I worked remotely. So remote job is not covid-related issue, it's just a common remote job for preferably long term. I like big and complicated projects that need a lot of work and have some meaning, when the results are useful for people, for industry or science. No military or Russian Govt related projects (strong personal animosity to that species). I welcome any job related with improving network safety and stability, user privacy, people's welfare and any progressive and useful tasks that make civilization progress. If the code is open source - this is excellent. I support the open source movement and try to contribute if I have a chance.

#jobsearch #job #C #developer #Linux
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Everything you should know about today's state of things on Android OS in one pic 😂

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Signal created targeted ads for Instagram that show the personal data that Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

They were blocked.

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A new @accessnow report concludes digital vaccine certificates “threaten human rights by creating space for exclusion and discrimination to flourish, and posing serious long-term threats to the privacy and security of millions of people across the globe.”

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Things you'll never hear from "Doctors" Fauci and Gates: Boston University study suggests seniors with enough vitamin D have reduced risk of dying from coronavirus

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Curious if anybody knows a noob-friendly way to get DNS info passed through Pi-Hole to also be hidden from an ISP. I’d like the ISP to not see the traffic/site info while also benefiting from Pi-Hole. I’m using a VPN on each device now for when I want that, but with speed penalties. Maybe DoH or something out of the Pi-Hole? I’m kind of ignorant of all the details involved. Looking for best of both worlds.

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**Physical inactivity linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and death**

"Physical inactivity is linked to more severe COVID-19 infection and a heightened risk of dying from the disease, finds a large U.S. study."

#science #news #bot

Just a thought that crossed my mind.
What if I imported a big part of a recent facebook leak into my Android adress book to poison data that WhatsApp has on me.
That's probably illegal in many countries, but it's using their own weapon against them.

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Monkey plays Pong through a Neuralink interface (with his mind) - we are not very far from the cyborg age anymore: #neuralink #monkey #pong

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use #linux
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