Damn it's already. Seems like yesterday when I was saying 'next halloween I'll have a great costume, I got all year!'

Instead here I am with nothing appropriate for the night, again.
I guess tonight it's gonna be data analysis and frozen pizza, again.
Y'all doin something tonight?

@arteteco Yeah, I'll be coughing the lungs out tonight. Just like the past week. 馃ぇ


Holy shit man, what's up with you?

Fedilab1 0 0

@arteteco It's called a cold. I get it 2-3 times a year. And almost always definitely during october. :(

Not COVID? Got tested? I am fully vaccinated, yet somehow I got some COVID variant, or some shit like that... Ive been coughing for a while now!

@trinsec @arteteco

@Firaas Thanks for your concern, but not really necessary. I've tested negative, I'm vaccinated. And the common cold is very common with me. If there was a vaccine against the common cold I'd love to have it.

And yes, being vaccinated doesn't mean you're immune. I'm very aware of that as well. I still try to keep distance.


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