Hey, @freemo
I was just exploring the other services by Qoto, and I noticed your Nextcloud instance cloud.qoto.org/login

When I click the privacy policy on the page, it takes me to the same, current page in a new tab! πŸ€”

@strawberryfieldsforever odd ill look into it shortly. I'm pretty sure we have a text for that defined. @arteteco mostly admins that service.


@freemo @strawberryfieldsforever
Hi, thanks for pointing that out.

I think we worked on a draft for the privacy policy but we never officially published it (as I pointed out here discourse.qoto.org/t/qoto-priv but then failed to work on it).

I could do slight adjustments to the Discourse privacy policy ( discourse.qoto.org/t/privacy-p ), it could be better than nothing, but I'm no expert especially when it comes to foreign privacy laws

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I'm ok using a standard one as long as we uphold it. As far as I know "data is sacred, we never share your data, you can delete your data anytime" more or less sums up our policy.


Hey, does a privacy policy have to have legal aspects in it? πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

If it only has a few points that promise what you offer, like what Freemo was saying, "we never share your data, you can delete your data anytime."

Shouldn't something like that be enough?


I guess that depends on who you ask. That would be ok by me. But some people have a pretty long laundry list of privacy demands and a simple list might miss some of them even if we basically satisfy it anyway. That said it can always be appended.


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