Model Predictive Control Design for Unlocking the Energy Flexibility of Heat Pump and Thermal Energy Storage Systems .SY .SY

Impact of data usage for forecasting on performance of model predictive control in buildings with smart energy storage .SY .LG .SY

Performance of using Mel-Frequency Cepstrum Based Features in Nonlinear Classifiers for Phonocardiography Recordings .SP

A Simple Detection and Identification Scheme For Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces .SP .IT .IT

Truncated Polynomial Expansion-Based Detection in Massive MIMO: A Model-Driven Deep Learning Approach .SP .LG

Coded Backscattering Communication with LTE Pilots as Ambient Signal .SP

Antifragile Perimeter Control: Anticipating and Gaining from Disruptions with Reinforcement Learning .SY .SY

Smart Mobility Digital Twin Based Automated Vehicle Navigation System: A Proof of Concept .SY .SY

wmh_seg: Transformer based U-Net for Robust and Automatic White Matter Hyperintensity Segmentation across 1.5T, 3T and 7T .IV .CV

Non-contact photoacoustic imaging with a silicon photonics-based Laser Doppler Vibrometer .app-ph .optics .IV

Provably Safe Neural Network Controllers via Differential Dynamic Logic .SY .AI .LG .LO

Training-free image style alignment for self-adapting domain shift on handheld ultrasound devices .IV .CV

Hierarchical Prior-based Super Resolution for Point Cloud Geometry Compression .IV .CV .MM

TC-DiffRecon: Texture coordination MRI reconstruction method based on diffusion model and modified MF-UNet method .IV .CV .LG

Experimental Study of Spatial Statistics for Ultra-Reliable Communications .SP

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