APS-USCT: Ultrasound Computed Tomography on Sparse Data via AI-Physic Synergy arxiv.org/abs/2407.14564 .IV .AI .CV .LG

Deep Learning-based 3D Coronary Tree Reconstruction from Two 2D Non-simultaneous X-ray Angiography Projections arxiv.org/abs/2407.14616 .IV .CV

Benchmarking deep learning models for bearing fault diagnosis using the CWRU dataset: A multi-label approach arxiv.org/abs/2407.14625 .SP

Improving Representation of High-frequency Components for Medical Foundation Models arxiv.org/abs/2407.14651 .IV .AI .CV

Universal Medical Imaging Model for Domain Generalization with Data Privacy arxiv.org/abs/2407.14719 .IV .CV

Representing Topological Self-Similarity Using Fractal Feature Maps for Accurate Segmentation of Tubular Structures arxiv.org/abs/2407.14754 .IV .CV

Autonomous Nonlinear Passive Transmit-Receive Switch for Compact IoT Devices: A Three-Port Agile Network arxiv.org/abs/2407.14759 .SY .SY

Multidirectional Pixelated Cubic Antenna with Enhanced Isolation for Vehicular Applications arxiv.org/abs/2407.14760 .SY .SY

Self-supervised ASR Models and Features For Dysarthric and Elderly Speech Recognition arxiv.org/abs/2407.13782 .AS .AI .SD

SOC-Boundary and Battery Aging Aware Hierarchical Coordination of Multiple EV Aggregates Among Multi-stakeholders with Multi-Agent Constrained Deep Reinforcement Learning arxiv.org/abs/2407.13790 .SY .SY

A review of handcrafted and deep radiomics in neurological diseases: transitioning from oncology to clinical neuroimaging arxiv.org/abs/2407.13813 -bio.QM .IV .AI

Real-time Estimation of Bound Water Concentration during Lyophilization with Temperature-based State Observers arxiv.org/abs/2407.13844 .SY .OC .SY

Improving Robustness and Clinical Applicability of Respiratory Sound Classification via Audio Enhancement arxiv.org/abs/2407.13895 .AS

Optimality of the Bussgang Linear MMSE Channel Estimator for MIMO Systems with 1-Bit ADCs arxiv.org/abs/2407.13921 .SP

Online learning of Koopman operator using streaming data from different dynamical regimes arxiv.org/abs/2407.13940 .SY .DS .RO .SY

Robust Multi-Beam Secure mmWave Wireless Communication for Hybrid Wiretapping Systems arxiv.org/abs/2407.13972 .SP

Joint Information and Jamming Beamforming for Securing IoT Networks With Rate-Splitting arxiv.org/abs/2407.13973 .SP

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