Monitoring Based Fatigue Damage Prognosis of Wind Turbine Composite Blades under Uncertain Wind Loads .SY .SY

COBRAPRO: A MATLAB toolbox for Physics-based Battery Modeling and Co-simulation Parameter Optimization .chem-ph .SY .CE .SY

Distributed Federated Learning-Based Deep Learning Model for Privacy MRI Brain Tumor Detection .IV .CR .LG

Hyperspectral Reconstruction of Skin Through Fusion of Scattering Transform Features .IV .LG

The Feasibility of Constrained Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: A Tutorial Study .SY .SY

Numerical Attributes Learning for Cardiac Failure Diagnostic from Clinical Narratives - A LESA-CamemBERT-bio Approach .SP

Little Pilot is Needed for Channel Estimation with Integrated Super-Resolution Sensing and Communication .SP

Integrated Sensing and Communication for Edge Inference with End-to-End Multi-View Fusion .SP

Traffic State Estimation and Uncertainty Quantification at Signalized Intersections with Low Penetration Rate Vehicle Trajectory Data .SY .AP .SY

Building an AI Support Tool for Real-time Ulcerative Colitis Diagnosis .IV

Synthetic Brain Images: Bridging the Gap in Brain Mapping With Generative Adversarial Model -bio.NC .IV .CV

Survival Prediction Across Diverse Cancer Types Using Neural Networks -bio.QM .IV .LG

Synthesis of Through-Wall Micro-Doppler Signatures of Human Motions Using Generative Adversarial Networks .SP

Multi-Branch Generative Models for Multichannel Imaging with an Application to PET/CT Joint Reconstruction .med-ph .IV .CV

Real-time guidewire tracking and segmentation in intraoperative x-ray .IV .CV .LG

Structured Model Pruning for Efficient Inference in Computational Pathology .IV .CV .LG

Benefits of V2V communication in connected and autonomous vehicles in the presence of delays in communicated signals .SY .SY

Selection of Time Headway in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Platoons under Noisy V2V Communication .SY .SY

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