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The number of global solutions for GPS source localization in two-dimension .SP .OC

Accumulation of cross-channel non-linear interference in dispersion-managed and disaggregated optical network segment .optics .SP

Optimization of Frequency Selective Surface Bandstop Filter Based on Fractal Unit Cell .comp-ph .app-ph .SP

Multidimensional Gabor-Like Filters Derived from Gaussian Functions on Logarithmic Frequency Axes .SP .CV .LG .NE

Fabrication uncertainty aware and robust design optimization of a photonic crystal nanobeam cavity by using Gaussian processes .optics .SP

Traffic Flow and Speed Monitoring Based On Optical Fiber Distributed Acoustic Sensor .SP

Online Mean Estimation for Multi-frame Optical Fiber Signals On Highways .data-an .SP

Epilepsy Seizure Detection and Prediction using an Approximate Spiking Convolutional Transformer .SP .CV .LG

Independent Component Analysis for Signal Crosstalk Elimination in Infrared Interferometry .optics .SP

Inference Stage Denoising for Undersampled MRI Reconstruction .IV .CV .LG

Weakly Supervised Detection of Pheochromocytomas and Paragangliomas in CT .IV .CV

SEASONS: Signal and Energy Aware Sensing on iNtermittent Systems .SY .SY

Adversarially Robust Feature Learning for Breast Cancer Diagnosis .IV .LG

Leveraging cough sounds to optimize chest x-ray usage in low-resource settings -bio.QM .AS .AI .LG

Deep and shallow data science for multi-scale optical neuroscience -bio.QM .IV .LG

An Adaptive System Architecture for Multimodal Intelligent Transportation Systems .SY .SY

Saliency-aware End-to-end Learned Variable-Bitrate 360-degree Image Compression .IV

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