Starting my day with Imagine dragons' BELIEVER .

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Why do non-vegetarians say things like, 'Chicken paneer jaisa hi hai bro'. We don't go to Jains & say, 'Onion sabzi HI hai bro'.

@Tallymark90 @joesangma I meant 'punishment' by law for destroying the old structure.

@Tallymark90 @joesangma they should punish those who destructed the BM ,then only it will be fair.

@freemo i want to link this account and share it on Twitter

Hey ..
I have a question.
Will it be difficult to handle server space issues if mastodon grows as big as twitter??
Admins will also find it difficult to moderate content efficiently.

How can I share my account on Twitter ?I'm using tusky.

@Karthikdeva I'm watching news and they are interviewing common man about tomorrow.They all are saying one should accept the verdict irrespective of whose favour it goes.Then who are the people who do riots ??

@georgia it can also mean darks are superior,but we all live in a delusional world😅

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