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I'm Austin, a Senior Software Engineer at a company that develops project and task scheduling . I mainly work on the and using and but occasionally stray into the . I used to do development and am very familiar with , , and / .

In my spare time I enjoy , , (I'm a private pilot with my instrument rating), , , , , , , and .

I'm a big advocate for and education. I've been known to call people out on spreading bad information and grifting in bad faith.

There is a good chance I'll be posting cat picture, flying pictures, and random tidbits from various programming things I'm exploring. I'm also about to build an RV-10 airplane so there will be plenty of that. Drop by and say hello!

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Otis just celebrated his first birthday. They grow up so fast 🐽😭

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Fun Java fact: All integer types are signed (yes, even byte) except char, which is a 16-bit unsigned type. But you can't do any useful unsigned arithmetic on it because of int promotion anyway.

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Here's a painting I did shortly after watching the Obiwan Kenobi series from this year.
#myart #StarWars #DigitalArt #painting

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There seems to be some confusion about our NFT rule so let me once again clarify:

NFT content is not allowed on .art

Selling your NFTs is not allowed on .art

Advertising your NFTs is not allowed on .art

Posting pictures connected to your NFTs is not allowed on .art

If you do any of these things your account will be suspended

It's one of the rules you agreed to on joining

No I'm not changing the rules for you

This post is not an invitation for you to try to change my mind


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I also like dad (bad) jokes.

Dad joke of the day:

What happened to the man who stole the punctuation keys from the judge's keyboard?

He got a long sentence.
Happy Thursday!

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Just rocks in a late Martian afternoon.

Processed MCZ_LEFT
RMC: 30.1096, Sol: 606
LMST: 16:09:22
UTC: 2022-11-03T12:50:16
Credit: #NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU

#Perseverance #Mars2020 #Solarocks #Space

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It was a long journey of major revisions. First I had NO IDEA how the nature process works and I didn't provide supplementary info in the first submission (BAD BAD don't do that). Second: referee 3 just HATES our code.

But that's it. Just Editorial revisions to make but that's it. 🫠🫠🫠 I did it.


I've been playing around with learning 3D modeling for nearly 20 years at this point. I finally sat down and made my first character (in a low poly style) and learned how to rid and animate it.

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While my #astrophotography is mostly at night, sometimes I dabble with the Sun too. Last winter I took this pic of two storks contemplating the sunset in my hometown, Don Benito (Spain). It took quite a lot of planning with Photopills to get the alignment right, and several failed attempts due to uncooperative weather and storks 😂 But when I finally got the shot it was very rewarding!

Taken with a Canon 6D + Tamron 100-400 at 400 mm.

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Something that has bothered me in this whole social media meta switch up, and this time it goes for both mastodon and cohost, is the idea of "no algorithms" getting applied too broadly

We would be better off not diluting the word "algorithm" to mean "manipulative tactics via computers" which is what it is being used as a lot these days

And not every attempt to use computers to recommend you things is a tool of evil. For instance I really like that Tidal will generate me playlists of songs I haven't heard based on songs I like. That's a helpful algorithm I enjoy that and it isn't pushing me to be a worse person. Search engines also shouldn't just give you results in a random order, you need an algorithm that will give you relevant results (not that search engines right now do this well, they're basically all in a state of Bad Algorithms at the moment, but you wouldn't want a search engine that doesn't do SOME kind of prioritization)

I just want to see more conversations about the way these platforms can be manipulative without just yelling ALGORITHM BAD

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Another note for people ...

Yes, there will be accounts here in which you have no personal interest, and which never post anything interesting *to you*.

You can block them, or mute them, and then you won't be troubled by them.

If they are abusing, or otherwise don't abide by our code of conduct, then report them and we will investigate.

But if it's simply something you'd rather not see, just mute it.

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a weird vibe to some of the people being all snobby about Fediverse Etiquette

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Despite being on my own tiny little instance, I feel very connected.

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please for the love of god stop putting a support chat pop-up on every single page of your sites

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so I have a placemat-style cutting board in the kitchen, just one of those plastic sheets, basically. it's red.

it used to be for my sister before we both moved out, and she's celiac so it was labelled "GF" for "gluten free"

after that I used it for cat food, so it got labelled "cat food"

now I don't have cats, but I do have a cutting board labelled "GF CAT FOOD"
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A welcome, if noisy, little blow last night, the wind charger adding a good amount to the battery.
The last time the battery was fully charged was several weeks back, but there's been enough wind and sun to keep us going, if not enough to top up the battery fully. All working as expected.
#offgrid #weather

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