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We just noticed that Android 12 includes a much stricter implementation of "app-links": developer.android.com/training

Afaiu if you don't control a domain your app will never show up in the app chooser for a link to that domain. The user needs to explicitly setup your app for said domain deep in the settings.

This is super inconvenient for all the 3rd Part apps out there (i.e. NewPipe) or even alternative builds of 1st Party apps (F-Droid build of Wikipedia app).

Update: I was able to enroll my own keys using the UEFI menu instead of KeyTool. UEFI ver. 1.11. Lenovo still hasn’t even acknowledged the issue that I know of so I’d assume it’s still possible to brick the motherboard this way. Make sure to do everything in the right order (PK last!). Any attempt is at your own risk as Lenovo considers it customer induced damage if it goes wrong.

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Interesting article on #decentralization and the problems to tackle in distributed system to maximize the amount of "user sovereignty".

scribe.rip/swlh/a-unified-theo (medium via scribe)

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Trump's social network (Truth Social) is now open source due to pressure from the maintainers of Mastodon.

I have now mirrored the code on Codeberg and GitHub to keep track of changes, ease public examination, and ensure a copy stays public.


I have also generated a basic diff between Mastodon v3.4.1 and Truth Social's latest code. codeberg.org/TruthSocial/diffs

#TruthSocial #mastodev

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This is a fascinating - and frightening - visualization about the current “Media Universe” in the US.

High rez version here: linktr.ee/ESHAPTV

These are the companies that control what we see and hear.

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Visualizing physical decentralization of #Fediverse servers


Neat way to see all the big, popular data centers (hello, Hetzner Helzinki)

Or to explore smaller, less popular hosting providers.

👍 to @poduptime for this great map!

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Me: GTK I’d like to scale applications for this HiDPI display

GTK: Sure, but you still want stupidly small menu icons right?

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I was thinking hard about what point or takeaway i wanted to give everyone as we all celebrate Men's Day. I think on days like this its good to do two things: celebrate the good things, and also be more aware of ways in which men can be the target of sexism, regardless of how that might compare to the oppression of women which is a topic for the other days out of the year.

I think one of the most important examples of sexism against men is the way they are treated when seeking help as the victim of physical or sexual abuse. In the vast majority of cases they are either turned away or appalingly often accused of being the abuser themselves if you can beleive that. The problem is massively common as the graph below shows.

Im not sure what we should do about it but i am sure we shoukd be aware of it.

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Microsoft Edge (even on Linux) caught automatically syncs bookmarks/passwords to cloud, even urging uploading of passports/other personal data. ☁️ :thinking: Reminder that passwords can fingerprint you - choose unique for each login.

#Microsoft #Linux #Edge #Windows #Browser #Web #Cloud #TheCloud #News #Infosec


Saw this somewhere else and thought it was interesting. It’s a type of personality test that attempts to determine your style of thinking and assigns an archetype.

[MindTime] is a scientifically validated theory that explains WHY people behave the way they do and as such MindTime provides powerful predictive insight into why we are the way we are.


Serious question: Can someone explain the difference between gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease? I don’t know that I’m thinking about it the right way.

My bias: It’s really annoying to me when people co-opt the actual diagnosed illnesses of others on social media.

I can’t get a straight answer on this even in medial research. Some doctors say gluten is often not even the issue with their patients. Avoiding wheat forces them to consume fewer carbs in general which results in feeling better.

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"I’ll pay you cold hard cash to delete your npm module"


A bit drastic, but hey, it's Drew 😄

I realize this nonsense post makes me sound like Bernie Sanders, it wasn’t intentional but I’m not mad about it either

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We should start treating the DOD like we do the USPS. Make them justify every single dollar spent, fund pensions for people that haven’t been born yet, and then still slash their funding. Social security could remain solvent for generations with enough left over to give evil commie healthcare to everyone. Plus, the god damn mail might be on time for once.

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