Here are some of the things I picked up last weekend at Hamvention ... These will become parts of future projects. (Really! ... probably.)

Also, this little guy was on a table near the entrance.

A few pictures from CoCo Fest 2023 in Carol Stream, IL. (Very close to Chicago)

Check out this Pi Pico development board an e14 community made (and then sent me!)

It has some nice features. The board files are available to get your own.

Replaced spinning rust platters with @BlueSCSI.

And now I can get to important work.

(This is not the Macintosh with the bombed logic board.)

Not what I expected to see when I opened up an Apple IIgs with a note saying: "Failed CPU test."

Is this what you take when you get a headache while debugging an issue with an oscilloscope?

My first attempt at building a right-angle Banana-to-USB adapter. Also, first time I've tried to solder two PCBs together. (That I designed.)

Needs some tweaks though.

Check out lcamtuf's latest 8-bit handheld game: Sir Box-a-lot.

It's Sokoban running on an AVR128DA with an RGB OLED screen.

He's also done some other "handheld" games in the past.

Incredible work.

Sometimes your code gets kinda hangy... this is going to be my new while(1);

From the Apple IIc firmware listing:

Friday 2/24 Stream: More work on the Apple IIc Schematic in KiCad! Now on Twitch and YouTube (again).

Colors for nets in KiCad 7 makes some of this mess much clearer!

Hey vintage and retro electronics fans, I think I finally understand all of the DexoIT variations!

.... and done.

No ERC reports mean the schematic is 100% perfect right?

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Oh good. After annotating 8 of the 9 parts missing annotation, the error count went UP by 43. (I can't find the 9th one.)

I'm going to need much more tea.

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Save this screenshot for the next time you think: "wow, this project is really out of control..."

I offer you this piece. I call it: "At least this isn't the state of *your* ERC."

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