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The max voltage ratings on your scope aren't a lie, but they certainly aren't telling the whole truth 🤔

In today's front end deep dive, we figure out what these ratings are for ThunderScope and lay bare the only truth in engineering: "it depends"


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By me for @hackster_io, "The rise of machine learning platforms." When people see an emerging technology and don't know what to do with it, they tend to build platforms rather than products. If that goes on too long, then we have a problem. #ML #AI hackster.io/news/the-rise-of-m

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In the SF Bay Area this week? We're holding an *in-person* meetup at the @internetarchive HQ in San Francisco this Wednesday, July 10 5:30-9pm!

Come by for dinner, drinks, + socializing, and hear about new projects participating at DWeb Camp this summer.


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it's 10:30 AM in Shenzhen and I've just approved production files for what I hope is the last revision of Sensor Watch Pro. The verdict? I'm not sure if it's completely unhinged, but it is pleasantly squiggly.

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Someone brought this beautiful RGB LED droplet installation. It was quite mesmerizing to watch. ToorCamp impressions 4/n

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I'm teaching a soldering class at H.O.P.E.

This is a great beginners kit designed by me with the help of @Blenster . Come out and learn some valuable hacker skills!

Kits are available for $10 in person or online at


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I’m you haven’t seen them, they’re new to you! Happy #FourthOfJuly!

PYRO! Screensaver - Fireworks for Macintosh (Happy 4th of July)!

DarkSide of the Mac - More Fireworks for Macintosh (Happy 4th of July!)

@smitty I hope you don't mind if I use your words in the future. That's a great response.

Going live with Brian from @Elektor's Meet the Maker. Come join us and ask questions about my past projects, Arduino code, or capacitors!


In a closing session of , @benhenchke@leds.social walks through the experience of switching to KiCad (for good.)

Welcome to the right side Ben!

HealthyPi Move is an (open source) wearable patient monitor from ProtoCentral. Here, Ashwin Whitchurch explains the sensors at . Available for pre-order: crowdsupply.com/protocentral/h

Ayesha shares her experience in using Pretty Circuit Boards (PCBs) as a STEM outreach tool.

“If you don’t like LEDs, go touch grass.”

Psychogenic explains how to use Tiny Tapeout to configure the magic sand inside of ICs to make your own chips

Day 3 of kicks off with Joe Grand talking about and demonstrating fault injection—knowing when to inject the fault is the bulk of the work.

WLCSP: Don’t go blind or get buried by Greg Steiert shows how to breakout a 6x6 with 0.5 and 0.4mm on a single layer! (3 mil spacing)

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