@48kRAM lol. I had a 386SX/16 with 2 megs RAM and only 40 meg HDD. Eventually, we got a CD-ROM, but I didn't have a sound card until I built a 486 with the money I earned washing dishes.

@48kRAM Your DOSBOX is better than my actual DOS computer when I was a kid.

KiCad 8 is here! (Well, it came out late last week.) So, to celebrate, i list out 8 Features I like: youtube.com/watch?v=Ohxlmy0p7F

Thur 2/8 Live stream: Continuing work on the TRS-80 MC-10 Schematic. Also, checking out some new KiCad 8 features. youtube.com/live/R3PyxBIJoww

@blitzcitydiy The n64/ps1/Saturn era 3d graphics are rough.

They're like Atari 2600/Intellivision/Vic 20 era graphics for 2d.

Passable but not the thing you miss about the games.

@thomasfuchs The most consistent thing about Windows's (and all of Microsoft's) UX is how inconsistent it is.

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Thur 2/1: Redrawing the TRS-80 MC-10 Schematic in KiCad 8 RC2!

We repaired one of these on-stream a couple of years ago. Now it is time to add its schematic to the Bit Preserve archive.

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I've decorated three denim jackets with LEDs to bring as an installation for the CETI institute in the #portlandwinterlightsfestival . The CETI installations will be displayed in an abandoned GAP storefront, so this project feels particularly appropriate. Just got the basic animation working for the rain cloud jacket, and hope to find time to enhance it.

@geekmomprojects Left and Right could be side-based Hi-Five counters.

It's the one email "newsletter" people actually want to receive.

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If you're hosting a reoccurring event, please set up an email list for future events!

I always find out about small meetups two weeks after the date. And so few have a way to get notified about the next one.

And no, having a Facebook group doesn't count. *eyeroll*

Thur 1/25 Stream: Checking out KiCad 8 RC2 by drawing an extender card for the Mega IIe:


@48kRAM It might be Monday for me. I checked this morning, and the package was at the local DHL hub. I just got the out-for-delivery notification!

But I probably won't be able to get it until Tomorrow. :(

@48kRAM Just wait until you get to the 3rd flash drive and find out it is faulty.

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