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Thur 10/19: Let's work on the Apple II+ KiCad Schematic live! (Right now!).

This schematic is part of the Bit Preserve Github repo. That's where people use KiCad to redraw schematics for vintage computers.

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From jlink commander: Savebin <file>, 0x10000000, <size>.

For future me, the next time I need it.

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Anyone know how I can use a segger jlink mini to dump the EEPROM connected to an RP2040?

I want to make a backup of the existing binary before I flash it with a new one.

Live Stream: Cleaning up the Apple II+ schematic in KiCad. Lots of "off-grid" errors to tackle.

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KiCad 7's PDF plotting is pretty awesome... depending on the reader you use.

Early in my career, a technical mentor revealed two myths about the Nyquist theorem. I cover them both in this video.

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Once again, a friendly reminder to all #vintagecomputing fans to


Even this small amount of corrosion on this memory battery killed a Tandy 200 by eating away about 7mm of a critical trace. Easy fix with a wire, but this could have been WAY worse.

If you own or collect old computers, go through them NOW and make sure you get all the batteries out.

I'm seeing a growing number of people with programming and PCB design skills who do not understand how file paths work.

And this concerns me.

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If you are near the Toronto area, come and join us at The World of Retro Computing Expo being held on September 16th and 17th at the old Goudies Department Store located at 8 Queen Street North in Kitchener Ontario. Fun for everyone! #worc2023.

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So. To get ahead on bills + to partially fund a trip I'm going to be going on next month, I'm probably going to be culling the hoard a bit.

Especially since I've unexpectedly gained a few systems I did not expect to gain.

If you're local to the South Bay Area, CA, and are potentially this space. Cobbling together a price list.

EDIT: The list:

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Are you in the general Denver/Boulder area? Do you want a Mac Classic II that is in a state of questionable functionality? We won't be able to ship these, but we do have a few that need new homes...

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I'm having to use VSCode for a project, but what I want to know is where is the theme that makes it look like this?

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New blog post! This is one of my favourite dumb projects to date: taking the hidden "Snail Maze" game out of the Sega Master System BIOS and turning it into a cartridge.

Sega has a rich history of weirdness, and I'm proud to do my part to help preserve that weirdness. #retrocomputing #retrogaming #sega #sg1000 #mastersystem #snails #kicad
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