Account (continues)

Account isolation doesn’t just have to be on the device level, but can also be done on the software level like the .

The benefit of using multiple browsers is that cannot cross browsers: making the pesky be browser bound and making browser fingerprinting harder to achieve. This will give oneself an edge on personal data protection.

Some browsers have the option to use containers, though it can feel like the overview is quickly lost and potentially it could be a bigger strain on the device.

Browser suggestions:

One should choose the browser dependent on the login credentials one will be using. For example if one will be using Google services like or , then the obvious choice is Chrome.

@barefootstache alternatively, multiple profiles on Firefox, or another browser that offers the feature. Configure different about:config and uBlock Origin privacy/convenience tradeoffs based on how much you trust the websites you’ll visit on that profile, and you get all or nearly all the benefits without having the friction cost of different interfaces and keybindings. Plus a profile is tiny compared to a whole ‘nother browser, so you’re saving disk space too.

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