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I made Thanksgiving dinner and now the kids are crying and I'm not allowed to help anymore

@TartanLlama @Paarsec
Incredible. ... A full and dense sound, with beautiful melodies lurking behind.
As someone who loves early Pan Sonic, Eric Holm, Ben Frost... it really resonates with me.
I love it, and the sleeve art is truly powerful.

Sorry for using Qoto to post twitter screencaps that I found on Facebook :D

“Running a successful open source project is just Good Will Hunting in reverse, where you start out as a respected genius and end up being a janitor who gets into fights.”

@trinsec I totally agree! But this undesirable behavior could be seen as a feature that some ppl rely on, and I thought it was useful to know.

Important difference between Mastodon and Tωitter :

"Reminder: If you intend to show your timeline a post you like, then use BOOST instead of LIKE/FAVORITE - unlike Twitter, your followers do NOT see a like!"

(thanks @jeff)

@WesLassiter I just typed "meditation" in the search bar and found your toot. I am a recent tweetfugee too. I have been practicing for 5 or 6 years. I am self-taught, never done a retreat, but I practice ~1h every day and have found a lot of joy through meditation. One hour of piti is a great way to start my day :)

Stone Web viewer 2.4 has just been released! This unique, open-source Web viewer of medical images is entirely written in C++ thanks to the technology. This new version brings a huge number of improvements. Check out the online demo:

Hi there! Elon just gave me the little push I needed to join Mastodon! I still need to find out who runs my home server and deserves my gratitude😊

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