This is my (third) Mastodon account I've created. I made this one so I could write longer posts. My main account is's theme looks awesome. I feel like I'm on a spaceship of some kind. The character limit is 65,532? That's crazy high!

@strawberryfieldsforever I made the account! Oh my goodness. That character limit is nice to see! 🎉💃

@bespectacled239 @vital876

Haha! That's fantastic! 🥳 😁
Looking forward to your posts! :blobcatwave:

@bespectacled239 The huge character limit was one of the reasons I went for this instance as well. I was used to at least 2k characters and anything smaller felt like a huge step down in QoL.


Welcome and enjoy. It is very freeing not to have a limit. It was the first feature we implemented here :) @strawberryfieldsforever


Pleorma is nice, the UI I dont like, but the rest of it is pretty nice. though we do have a few features pleroma still doesn't have (and most of the fediverse doesn't really) like groups integration for example.

@strawberryfieldsforever @bespectacled239


QOTO doesnt run vanilla mastodon, we are a heavily modified fork.. yes QOTO has groups, and we are one of few servers on the internet that does (only other one I know of is a japanese language server that uses the same groups code).

@strawberryfieldsforever @bespectacled239

@fikran @bespectacled239 @strawberryfieldsforever @vital876 I limit my own instance (to myself) to 1000 characters.

Using more than 1000 characters on a message is kinda annoying to read.
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