Isolation of mitochondria is typically a laborious process requiring single-sample processing with Dounce homogenization. The [Mitochondria Isolation Kit]( uses a non-mechanical, reagent-based method that allows multiple (six) cultured cell samples to be processed concurrently in about 40 minutes.

Isolated mitochondria can produce ATP from the oxidation of pyruvate to CO2 and water, provided they are adequately supplied with ADP, inorganic phosphate, and O2.

Has a eukaryote ever been observed to mistakenly divide inside of itself?

It just dawned on me in a profound way that cells have been dividing continuously since the very first biological cell, and all life on earth is a result of cell division and that life is a single organism.

If life arrived here via meteorite then that continuum of cell division and life predates the formation of our solar system.

Cell division from a common ancestor, which is older than earth. We are very old.

Burnet's Clonal Selection Theory / immune system : production of antibody to fight infection. Very beautiful animation.

(Non-scientific) article about indigenous rangers tackling extinction of species and loss of biodiversity in outback Australia.

"A key reason for a scientist to work with Aboriginal people in Australia is to try to see the country through their eyes — makes you a better ecologist as well as a richer person."

Great to see what they are doing.

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