in•vag•i•na•tion ĭn-văj″ə-nā′shən
n. The act or process of invaginating or the condition of being invaginated.
n. An invaginated organ or part.
n. The infolding of a portion of the outer layer of a blastula in the formation of a gastrula.

Oh fuck, the trump avatars in this info graphic are hilarious . Also this taught me everything i needed to know about this

I've never liked a desktop as much as the one I have now 🐎. There is no turning back. :popos:

dog attacks crocodile and wins. In other news It’s 43 degrees Celsius outside. How cool is that?

(Non-scientific) article about indigenous rangers tackling extinction of species and loss of biodiversity in outback Australia.

"A key reason for a scientist to work with Aboriginal people in Australia is to try to see the country through their eyes — makes you a better ecologist as well as a richer person."

Great to see what they are doing.

Dear cyanobacteria,
I just want to thank you for all the free oxygen and food you provided when you threw that epic oxygenation party 2.4 billion years ago. Your friend, Mr. binsrc

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