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Just a reminder all of this is sitting in this one little equation: \({Z}^{2}+C\)

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@freemo \ x_{n+1} = r x_n(1 - x_n) \ is a simple enough population model. Lets try simulating it! Oh no...

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Happy new year, everyone. Here's to reading and doing more science, writing as much as you can, having the time to critically analyse your ideas and behaviour but at the same time not be too hard on yourselves, being kind to yourself and others, and more importantly, accepting others' kindness.

In the next twenty days, I have:
one presentation, one TA duty to fulfill for the BTech crowd, end semester exams, brainstorming session with the PI for finalising a topic and path for the PhD research work, to read up for the same brainstorming session, learn the basics of Python and LateX.

Because in twenty days after that, I would have:
to appear for a national level exam, learn the basics of calculus, revise the basics of biostatistics, and start with proper literature review.

Am I being naive here? I don't know. Maybe this fascination will die over time. Maybe it will get stronger. You never know with such things, do you?

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Reading a 2013 paper about modelling the wax moth (Galleria mellonella) for Klebsiella infection studies and I'm just wondering how the seed of such an idea is sown in one's mind. I'm sure it requires a lot of reading and interpreting and discussing it with several people, but the process itself, say, of drawing inferences from all such things and finally reaching a desired set of objectives to be pursued, is just so fascinating.

Of course, it involves long mundane periods where you feel like nothing is ever going to work out and that might take a toll on anyone. But to finally see something work, even if for a bit, and then some more, and try to fit it all together. Ugh. So good.

Janna Levin's heartbreaking, heartwarming story about the finite and the infinite possibilities of the universe and, like always, of love.

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