@varpness @stux Now do the same comparison with Brazil VS Switzerland

@Evil_Bender @stux lol a literal nazi. Go shoot yourself in the bunker

@stux well, speak for yourself. This notion that we Europeans are somehow morally superior to Americans is trully bizarre and frankly I've never seen americans having such strong opinion about european laws that don't affect them in any way, so I think it is arrogant that we tell them how to live their lifes. The gun ownership correlation with violent crime got debunked so many times it's already straight up boring to just talk about it.

For a long time, I've been waiting for any Ruzzian official addressing this elephant in the room; the painfully obvious inconsistency that even the dumbest ruscist would have noticed eventually. And the result is as dumb as I imagined it. The Orwellian shade of the Russian aggression keeps spreading and will soon obfuscate any tiny ray of rationality in that filthy empire.

@tk @vriska what? I don't really believe that people actually think 20% of people are transgender, 30% are jewish... Lol

A message to anyone migrating from Twitter this week: you are hypocrite as ffffuuk. If you were concerned about free speech, you would have migrated when the incumbent president of the US was banned from the platform. And before you start mumbling about violence incitement, remember twitter refused to ban the spokesperson of the Taliban and Ayatollah of Iran who literally tweets shit like "Let's nuke Israel". Fuck you.

@grips it seems to be a russified version flag of ukrainian anarchist revolutionary organization en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolu

@solidsanek hmm seriously expected Italy to be all dark green

@Dan_Ramos I mean it depends on how much energy they produce VS coal (main energy source of China rn as far as I know), how much it costs to maintain these and how much land a nuclear or coal power plant would occupy... Just because it covers a mountain is not enough argument not to use it

@sdul @rf я - русскоговорящий Украинец. Я такое слышал пару раз. Я сказал что у Российской Федерации нету никакого патента на русский язык, по этому я говорил и буду говорить на моём языке, так как и делали и делают мои родственники. Даже в Украине совершенно нормальное отношения к русскоговорящим (хотя путинская пропаганда вам пи*дит другое). Путиноиды используют этот лингвистический аргумент чтобы разделить наш народ. Я не буду этому поддаваться, как и подавляющее большинство моего народа.

@Gargron я не вижу :(, но зато :zotero: есть 😅

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