For a long time, I've been waiting for any Ruzzian official addressing this elephant in the room; the painfully obvious inconsistency that even the dumbest ruscist would have noticed eventually. And the result is as dumb as I imagined it. The Orwellian shade of the Russian aggression keeps spreading and will soon obfuscate any tiny ray of rationality in that filthy empire.

I mean dude is a genius but he might be the cringiest and most socially awkward person on Earth (and soon on Mars hopefully xD). The dead silence after the ultimate dad jike makes the cringe reach cosmic proportions ahaha

My GF's cat thinks he is a better art piece than the ballerina or the Vienna Orchestra playing in the background

My first painting following Bob Ross' tutorial. My parents got me acrylic painting kit for Christmas :)

Trip to Strasbourg with my parents. A French city historically under German rule with a unique culture and architecture. Unfortunately COVID rules are so restrictive it kind of kills the joy of travelling a little bit.

European Parliament in Strasbourg. It was closed for visitors unfortunately...

I made a small trip to Malta. One of the most picturesque places I've been to. Def will come back. The horsies is because it was their "National Day"

Stopped for a sandwich mid-hike and this dog just sits in front of me and stares at my food.

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