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The Smithsonian has made over 4 MILLION images open source! You can create, copy, distribute, etc. This is amazing!

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I have a box of RAM too. Guess what? Those sockets are no longer work. Hah!

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In 2023 I resolve...
- to not spontaneously combust
- to not knowingly eat plutonium
- to continue to inhale and exhale in an orderly fashion

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Today in 1983, 40 years ago: The ARPANET officially changes to using TCP/IP, the Internet Protocol, effectively creating the Internet.


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What projects are you excited to dive into in 2023?

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Wherever I go, I take a little Hackaday with me! ☕ :wrencher: We had a nice little Christmas picnic at the park. It was a wonderfully sunny and warm day, enjoyed just in time before the rains.

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The worst thing every #mastodon client does is poor content discovery.

Content discovery is a hard topic, since your seasoned users of a platform consider it a nuisance, but your new users require it as a lifeline.

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Got a free Nikon F3 from someone who passed away, was curious as to why the light meter was borked

Well this certainly explains it. The ASA/ISO glass potentiometer has a crack in it (left side). Quick check with a multimeter shows it is indeed a problem, even though it doesn't go all the way through

At least this is a popular enough camera that parts are available, and old enough to have a repair manual available online. Nice to see that troubleshooting steps and causes used to be available.

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So, I'm finding out the hard way that if you start a new Mastodon server, nobody can find you.

This is a shameless request for some boosts so some of the bigger instances see me.

#mastodon #twittermigration #mastodonserver #findme #helpimtrappedinawell #imlonely

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LastPass attackers know your name and billing address and all websites you have saved passwords for, and if your master password isn't sufficiently strong may be possible to brute-force open everything on attacker's machines.


The fact LastPass doesn't encrypt website URLs is a known flaw it appears they never fixed on purpose, going back almost 6 years:

This eventual possible security breach was planned-for as part of LastPass' design for username and password protection. This doesn't break the core offering.
But it has stripped away multiple layers of protection and will hasten my looking at @bitwarden

It's impossible to be completely secure in a massive offering. However I have always disagreed with their decision to not 100% encrypt all metadata, and this event shows that was a foolish choice when seen against the inevitable of the entropy our complex electronic systems.

In the end, a password manager is still right choice in comparison to alternative. And a cloud-native offering like LastPass strongly hedges against data loss by normal users trying to manage their own vault. That is an undersold primary risk, not hackers. Still, very disappointed.

Current password setup:
- Primary vault is LastPass with 2FA
- Core fallback "key" accounts like email that allow pw reset are only in a KeyPass db file with 20char password, synced via OneDrive+2FA.
- This is then further backed-up with BackBlaze, using 40char encryption key

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Today’s social media status quo isn’t cutting it, so Mozilla is exploring an alternative here on Mastodon. In early 2023, Mozilla will be testing a publicly accessible instance in the Fediverse at Mozilla.Social. We will keep you updated, but for now learn more here:

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Happy Hanukkah!

They're fluffy, and devout, and they aren't scared of fire.

Hannukkats are kosher, and reverent. and delight and full of love and desire!

Plus, they're fun at parties!

#AI #Hanukkah #Cats #catsofmastodon

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Unredacter: Shows you why y should never ever ever use pixelation as a redaction technique ..


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Can we all agree that going forward, it’s a horrible idea to have a failed reality star, abuser of women, & fraudster as the head of our country? GEEZ.

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