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Nobody talks about the energy savings of software optimisation.

That's because there are no savings - when software gets more efficient, we just run more of it.
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The Reddit Blackout will probably benefit people, especially those in InfoSec. I have noticed and heard from others that Reddit encourages this compulsive urge to constantly refresh to see if there's something new of value. Or to quickly skim the links by only reading their titles. Or maybe if you find a semi-interesting link, you'd open it in a new tab, read half-way and then abandon the tab thinking you'll read the rest later. I specifically remember recently submitting a big announcement to /r/netsec and someone called me out for not explaining what the project was in the link title; except that I had included the project description in my comment on the post, in the blog post, on the website's front page, and in every single GitHub repository's README, but Redditors have been trained to expect all relevant information to be included in the title instead of reading the article.

In the same way that Twitter's infinite feed or Instagrams Like system mess with our reward centers, Reddit exploited our desire to consume as much high-value content as possible. It would be too much work to open every link and read every article, so we develop strategies to filter the daily torrent of new content (read the link title first, then maybe read the first paragraph). Overtime Reddit has conditioned us to have short attention spans and always be hunting for the next interesting link, instead of fully reading an article, blog post, or README.

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Hot out of the oven, brand new TinyFPGA BX boards from CrowdSupply! I am so happy and so dang excited these boards are coming back after such a long hiatus. Big props to the CrowdSupply team for all their hard work making this happen!! 🥹❤️ @helenleigh

Nothing like getting assaulted on the subway platform as a welcoming gift to (almost completely) moving in to Brooklyn.

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@morgthorak I think you might want to make sure you don’t follow me.

Because your “woke communist propaganda” comment makes me think you’re a moron of the first order.

I strongly suspect I am one of those “woke communists” you worry about. But you probably couldn’t actually explain what either of those words actually mean, could you?

I’m a card-carrying atheist, I think a woman’s right to choose is very important, I think that “well regulated militia” means that guns should be carefully licensed and not just randomly given to any moron with a pulse, and I couldn’t care less if you decided to dress up in the “wrong” clothes or decided you’d rather live your life without feeling tied to whatever plumbing you were born with.

And dammit, if that all makes me “woke”, then I think anybody who uses that word as a pejorative is a f*cking disgrace to the human race. So please just unfollow me right now.

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Best code editor. If you talk this up on mastodon, it will show up on mastodon when people search best code editor. xD #linux #unix #vim

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How old were you when you found out that /usr stands for Unix System Resources and not for user?

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The I-95 collapse in Philly is only a few blocks from Four Seasons Total Landscaping, which will disrupt any press conference plans Trump has for this week.

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It's important to remember to create a backup of your data. It's also crucial to verify and test the backup to ensure it's reliable. Occasionally restoring the backup can help you determine how long the process takes. Good luck! #sysadmin #linux #unix

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Hey all! Like so many others right now I am fleeing the large social media platforms and discovering the Fediverse for the first time! I’m either an an engineer or a software developer - depending on whose asking - in the Energy sector. I’m from Michigan originally but temporarily based in #taiwan for my wife’s job. I love road #cycling , #homebrewing , #cooking , various aspects of tech, and of course Sci-Fi.
I suppose that’ll be my first pass at an #introduction !

Yesterday was sure a great day to move into Brooklyn...

Couldn't have timed it any better. I kept thinking I was wearing my sunglasses because of how orange everything was.

Thankfully still had a ton of n95 masks, so it was manageable. Then almost getting a ticket from double parking the U-Haul, was not the best of days.

But hey, at least it's over with now

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I called my 92 year old grandmother last night to tell her Trump had been indicted again because I knew she’d be delighted. She giggled and said, “Did you hear that Pat Robertson fucker died today too?”

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Given Rep Andy Bigg's tweet calling for an "eye for eye" in regards to the #Trump #indictment --

The rabbis wrote quite extensively and clarified that "eye for eye" was NOT physical.

It referred to monetary compensation.

JUST WANT TO SAY that when some Christians misuse the Torah for their own purposes, it needs to be called out.

We saw real violence on Jan 6. This militaristic language is absolutely inappropriate, wrong & frightening.

Shabbat Shalom.

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The fact that Trump's indictment comes during the writer's strike and no late night hosts are able to comment on it is just great tbh.

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Reddit’s AMA with its CEO on their API (read: third party app killing) is a train wreck. These are remarks from their CEO. Why does Reddit consistently have such terrible leadership?

Before this, Huffman had no public interactions with the community or website for 10 months. Imagine the CEO of Facebook or twitter not posting for a year.

Reddit communities should go dark to demand this guy leaves. This is some of the most incompetent management I’ve seen.

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Google is a multi-billion dollar corporation that claims to be a leader in search, streaming, AI/ML and more. Also, Google's YouTube is infested with scam bots:

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“Our abandonment of simple and effective variant-proof protection measures has left our older adults and marginalized communities isolated and at risk.”

#CovidIsNotOver #COVIDisAirborne #BringBackMasks


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